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Chapter 3 Conclusion
The group collects all that is valuable and as they start to recover the bodies of their companion and the stranger when Nazim and some guards make their way down the secret passage and discover the group. Nazim greets them but seems disappointed to see Terrance and Kith dead. She checks Kith and discovers he is still barely alive but in critical need. She has the guards take the two bodies while she gets an update from the group. She tells them Terrance was one of her agents investigating Father Jackal before the group even came to town. The group had no idea and for his loyalty will have him raised to do service for the city again.

She finds the One Source Warehouse in violation of city law and will hunt down Tamir and Maysam if they still reside within the walls of the city and confiscate all their possessions, including the slaves. The group asks about the slaves and Kazim says in order to release them a fee of 100 gold (seemingly cheap) for each of them would be enough to give them the proper paperwork to be released from servitude. The group unanimously agrees to pay the fee given all they have looted from this organization and their history with slavery.

Nazim says this will clear up any of their city problems and says it's good to see Rayhan safe from Tamir. Rayhan protests that Tamir is his friend. She sees that he's still under his charm and releases him with a dispel magic. Rayhan is excited to say that their trip to Kakishon draws near because of the information given to him by the stranger. Kazim asks if she can have someone she trusts go with the group when they decide to go as sort of an unofficial city emissary, but one who has no real ties to the city other than being friends with Kazim. Her duties prohibit her from going otherwise she would make the request for herself.

She has a few people in mind who enjoy such an adventure, but will send them to Rayhan's with an introductory letter from her when she can confirm the emissary. Perhaps someone good at negotiation and someone who could be a benefit to the group if they run in to danger.
Session: LoF Session 5 - Thursday, Jul 17 2014 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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LoF Session 4 and 5 Recap pt2
The group continues passed the mummies to another sea cave where men are guarding a bridge to delay them. During the battle Tamir and Maysam reveal themselves and try to hold or charm group members. But the guards fall and their offensive options are limited and so they escape with a dimension door before the group can reach them.

The enter a room with statues in the corner than Katarina recognize as deadly guardian statues, but are only activated by someone opening a door on the inside of the room. It just so happens that one door is already open and some voices can be heard. The group finds the charmed Rayhan speaking with a stranger.

The stranger seems very alien and as Harsk discovers evil. The stranger seems very unalarmed by the group and very confident, but non-threatening. He offers the group a way to defeat the Father Jackal and one of his deadly creatures with a potion. Harsk does not trust him, nor does he want to work with him but the stranger professes non-interference and it is up the group carry out the means to defeat the Jackal.

They disarm the statue trap and find the hideous creature known as the Rough Seed and is able to apply the vial before it is able to attack. It stops it's attack and just as the stranger promised, it leaves them and runs down the hall to a great room. They follow to find the creature consuming the Jackal and spitting out his gear. Rayhan and the stranger enter the room looking up the creature with fascination as its gooey shell starts to turn white and the tentacles retract. The stranger pulls out a bag as a reward and gives a bit of cryptic advice before plane shifting away with the egg-like creature.
Session: LoF Session 5 - Thursday, Jul 17 2014 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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LoF Session 4 and 5 Recap pt1
The group head down through the trap door in to a descending passage. They find a guard station and cells with a prisoner named Terrance. The introductions are kept short and the group heals him up. They continue down until they see a storage room where Terrance stuff is found. But before he is able to don the equipment some of the statues in the room animate. Terrance is nearly slain, but the gargoyles are eventually taken care of.

From there they find another hall that leads to a natural sea cave. There they are ambushed by an Eye of the Deep stunning half the group while some sahuagin try to drag them in to the water. A caster sahuagin tries to hold and charm the others to no avail and resorts to blasts of scorching rays. One of the group members recognizes the voice from before as Tamir, but in a sahuagin disguise. As the stun wears off, the group is able to turn the tides defeating the sahuagin and the Eye but allowing Tamir to escape.

The group leaves the cave and find themselves in another ambush, but are more prepared, or so they thought. Inside, three mummies and a priest seemingly in control defends this unholy place. One mummy in armor claims to be Nubkaura Inyotef VII, an Osiran king from 1000 years ago. Harsk enters in cautiously drawing their attacks but the King flanks Kith and critically downs him to his seeming demise. Terrance tries to tumble away but is caught by another critical from the king slaying him as well. The group rethinks their positioning and starts a retreat. The priest teleports blocking one of their escapes and Kintaro put himself in a sacrificing position with the King but is able to get in a lucky shot nearly downing him.

The odds suddenly turned, Katarina is able to take out the priest and Ezio's summoned creatures take out the King. Once destroyed, the other two mummies disintegrate released from his control.
Session: LoF Session 4 - Thursday, Jul 10 2014 from 7:30 PM to 12:00 AM
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Introduction of Terrance
Kazim, a member of the Zephyr Guard, a respected member of the Church of Abadar and one of the few who report directly to the Pactbroker, Hashim ibn Sayyid the main voice of the Pactmasters, daily duties include maintaining stability in the economic trade through enforcement of the city laws.

One of the city's many spies got word back to her that one of the merchant groups was smuggling goods in to the city on a regular basis. This in itself was not surprising, but they went on to say that they would also steal from their competitors by scuttling their ship just outside of the city port. The actual merchant group wasn't known, but the one responsible was, the illusive Father Jackal.

He has been a thorn of the side of the Pactmasters for too long. He was well known to trade in goods that even the most despicable of merchant groups would hesitate to trade in, namely evil artifacts of destruction and creatures so heinous that they posed a threat to the city at large.

It's also known that he works closely with one or more merchant groups, but his role is unknown. That's why Kazim decided to hire an investigator to once and for all settle Father Jackal's involvement in the merchant groups. But, unwilling to tip her hand she needed to go through unofficial channels and hire someone reliable and someone loyal.

Years ago, she freed a slave who was well educated and showed a great deal of potential to become an elite member of her guard. Although, grateful and willing to give it a try he found it to be unsatisfying, so he went about his own business. He remained in the city as a procurer of information who would every so often contact Kazim with valuable information that she would pay him handsomely for.

In need of his services, she contacted Terrance Garside to find out who Father Jackal is and which merchant groups he's aligned with. Also, if he can find some incriminating evidence of his involvement or piracy and tax evasion they could then imprison or take his head eliminating the threat altogether.

Terrance examined the patterns and spied on the various merchant groups. Most are very suspicious of outsiders and kept a close hold on their personnel. Following the patterns he saw, he found a ship that he thought most likely to be scuttled. Since this always happened within a couple of miles of port he would book passage and wait. If, nothing happened he would go overboard and fly back to the city.

It didn't take long for him to pick the right ship. Once they were taking on water he went overboard in to the water. He did what he could to help the others and once satisfied he went to look for the source. In the water were several humanoid sea creatures gathering the crates and swimming away with them. Sahuagin are not uncommon to these waters, but they don't really have need for the good carried by these ships. They were also swimming back toward the Katapesh ports.

It was difficult to avoid detection and his droughts were running low but he managed follow one all the way back to port. At the sea wall, he disappeared through a veil of sea weed. Only by going to that spot and searching did he find an entrance to a sea cave some 25ft below the water. It was risky, but he had to follow. He was sure he could handle a couple of Sahuagin on his own though.

Venturing through the winding passage he reached a large cave and on a small shore he could see a couple of doors. One was being used by a couple of Sahuagin as they carried a crate through the door. Terrance was sure he was well hidden but then he felt a presence, but before he could react his world was spinning and he became disoriented. He felt the grip of a large claw around him squeezing the life out of him. Terrance couldn't find the will to move before everything went black.

Before slipping under, he was sure this was it for him. He would be unceremoniously drowned by a creature with pincers and one large eye. But that was not his fate. Now dry and lying on a cot in a cell, he heard the voices of people outside the celled area. A shutter on the door opened and someone saw that he was awake. Minutes later he received a visitor. He was concealed from head to toe, but he could tell it was a magical disguise.

After being questioned, I told him I was an adventurer who was aboard the ship looking for work when it suddenly sank. Being afraid of sea travel, I always carried a potion of water breathing. After swimming back to the shore, he noticed a creature with a crate go in to the sea cave. He knew it was a bad idea, but curiosity is one of his flaws. Terrance wasn't sure if he was buying his story, but if he could infiltrate the group he could likely get the information Kazim was looking for.

It took all of Terrance's willpower to evade the attempt to charm him. After the failed attempt his capture said, "Lucky for you I have a party to get to and that we'll continue this conversation later." Not something Terrance was looking forward to.

Occasionally a guard would peek in on him before and after dinner but the other man never returned. After a restful night's sleep Terrance was awaken by a commotion outside his cell room. He could hear chairs being knocked over and the rattling of armor, but then all was quiet.
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LoF Session 3 RECAP
After restoring Kith back to health the group presses on with little or no sleep to investigate their one lead. The man who kidnapped, although in disguise was possibly recognized as Tamir, although that would never stand up in court. Seeing that he was a associated with the One Source Merchant guild they decided to pay the warehouse a visit.

Once there, they were caught trying to break in an alarm was sounded. Shuttering their doors it took the group too much time to break in giving those inside time to prepare. The bard was able to inspire the guards while the workers provided distraction in some respects. The guards being taken down very quickly and the group setting upon her quickly she went invisible and was not seen again.

One of her last instructions was to have a guard seek out the city guard for the groups hasty and seemingly unwarranted assault on the warehouse. They were seen breaking in to the warehouse offices but the guards had even more difficulty breaking in than the group did.

The group was able to make an escape though a hatch in a floor behind locked doors. The passage lead down to an underground complex.
Session: LoF Session 3 - Thursday, Jun 26 2014 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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