"Bring forth the dragons; there is yet one Templar in Nerath who wields a blade."
User: Ktulu
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/Knight Protector/13
Rohm is a perfect example of Nerath's unequaled warriors. He is tall, well muscled, and although well into his forty's, he's not bad to look at.

Gray hair, with some brown still showing through. Brown eyes.

Rarely seen without his five o'clock shadow.

Armor is worn through use, but in good condition.
Rohm speaks little of his past; those that know him well know he once answered to the name of Ser Osric Longbow II, Master of the Coin in Hestavar.

The Longbow family has long been associated with the Templars, dating back to his great, great-grandfather, Ser Rolphe Longbow--himself trained by the legendary High Templar, Janus Storn.

After Osric's failures at the gates of Hestavar, he was marked as a follower of Baphomet and imprisoned at Caer Storogal, fortress-prison of the Templar.

After the fortress fell against Blackheart, Osric took the name Rohm and wandered the land as a mercenary for hire.

He recently reunited with a young girl he saved many years ago, Jennifer, and is looking to redeem her soul...along with is own..
Rohm weilds Dragon Slice, a deadly greatsword. The weapon was forged using the blood of a wicked dragon, and it forever thirsts for more.

His armor was fashioned mostly from the dragon Whiteflame, whom he slew many years ago. As a trophy from later victories, he fixes one scale from any dragon-kin he kills. Today, Whiteflame is a piece-meal suit of scale.