User: Jack
Race: Half-Mer (maybe)
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Magus/Archmage/6/2
Padhraig stands a moderate 5' 7" under a ill-cut shock of white-blonde hair. He is lean and tanned from the sun, but if one looks carefully, there are oddities. A slight odd curve to the ears. A bit more skin in the webs between his fingers. Eyes of a blue that looks just like the harbor's water.
His grandfather is known to have returned with a son from a long voyage. A son rumored to have mer blood.

Padhraig was lucky enough to find a sunken treasure with which he funded scholarly tutoring (and a share of ownership of the ship he once sailed on, now captained by his childhood mentor/friend Ioco). He has recently returned from his training, and is not yet certain what he will do next.