""Mazian. Short for 'amazian'!""
User: Bannock
Campaign: Verbobonc Dark
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Magic-User/1
A fairly rugged looking human who favors blue-tinged tunics and robes, Mazian is of average height and broad-shouldered build, with rather hairy arms. He is an animated speaker, wide-eyed and curious, but with an acerbic wit that contrasts his eternal optimism.
Born and raised on a farmstead not far from Hommlet, Mazian was a good worker, but the call of ancient history and magical lore was strong, keeping him up late and chasing rumors from the Church of St. Cuthbert. After several raids that put Hommlet on the defensive, Mazian was taken under the wing of Rufus and Burne, tasked with helping to build the tower.

With the castle barely started, the town came under attack once again, and Mazian lost his mother to the bandits. His father (Samson), brother (Winfield), and two sisters (Maribel and Madalynn) found their outlying farmhouse burned to the ground. The bandits were mostly captured and put to the sword, but there was little restitution for Mazian's family.

As his family sought to rebuild their livelihood within the town, local politics angered Mazian, and pushed him -- at the young age of 21 -- to stand up for his family. He wheeled and dealed, and ultimately helped overturn a decision by the Druids, allowing his family a small plot of land near the Carpenter's Shop. It was then that Burne took more notice of the young man, recognizing both his curiosity and his keen wit, despite his outspoken attitude. Still, to this day, Mazian despises the Druids and the politics that the village played regarding his family. Though he understands the need for bureaucracy, he constantly chafes under the idea of innocents becoming victims to a system simply because they fall through the cracks.

Though he proved a difficult pupil when unlocking the fundamental power of arcane magic, Mazian eventually learned to keep his trap shut enough to begin excelling at the craft. Burne's activities in Hommlet have forced Mazian out of apprenticeship in recent months, though neither holds any ill feelings; it is simply Mazian's time to venture out into the world, uncover further magical power of his own, and one day help his master in the greater defense of Hommlet and the surrounding lands.
Age - 32

Father: Samson (age 56)
Brother: Winfield (age 28)
Sister: Maribel (age 26)
Sister: Madalynn (age 24)

Mentor: Burne

Despises: Druids at Hommlet's Druid's Grove
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