"Bored now! Let's smash face!"
User: Ando
Campaign: Epic Triumph
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/Knight Protector/Adamantine Soldier/26
A fairly average-looking half-orc at 6'2", Tarak carries a Broadsword strapped to his back and a nasty-looking scourge on his belt. Despite his savage appearance, however, his face is actually quite open and almost friendly (despite the jutting lower teeth). He smiles easily and laughs at most jokes. He has a tendency to get bored if nothing interesting is happening constantly. It's not until somebody or something needs its face smashed in that he really starts to look mean. Even then, he has been known to laugh heartily while in combat.
Growing up in a family that prized physical combat prowess over intelligence, Tarak was never highly educated. He has a lot of "street smarts", but would fail almost any test of knowledge put to him. However, he knew even from childhood that he was not happy with any of his family. They were all cruel and liked to use their brute force to take what they wanted. In particular, his cousin Krask, and Krask's brother Tossk, were especially cruel, and loved violence for the sake of violence. Krask was a kleptomaniac and had an obsession with obtaining gold, frequently bullying and robbing others. Tossk was more of a thinker, and was always trying to devise ways to cheat people of their gold or possessions.

Finally, Tarak left his family behind and set out on his own to make his way in the world.
Tarak dreamed one night about being in a group of adventurers clearing out an evil magical temple. He took it as a premonition (though he doesn't know that word) that he would be with them one day. A few months later, he learned that his cousin Krask had been reduced to a smoldering crater on the side of a road. Feeling that anyone who had finally shown Krask his place was a friend indeed. As he journeyed back to Toleth, he also got word that Krask's brother Tossk had been apprehended trying to kill some people. Apparently, the same party who had killed Krask had helped capture Tossk. These were great people indeed! Tarak asked around and found Lucas Vernon, Lt. Capt. of the Toleth Guard, who had only recently left that party. Lucas told Tarak of his friends, and that he had just sent word for the party to go investigate some strange happenings. Tarak didn't care much about strange happenings, but he felt more than ever that he needed to meet these people...