User: Naboo
Campaign: Comra
Race: Droid
Gender: Other
Class: Bounty Hunter / Gageteer
1.6 meter standard humanoid droid. The 484 model was built for versatility, security, mechanics, and even protocol. Still in his standard green paint job he received upon creation, he has had some modifications that remain a mystery.

Naether Onyx Xious Company - model 484

Better known to his friends as NOX, was discarded on planet Bespin, and was found by Braxis Valen, when Braxis was a young man. Upon powering on NOX-484, Braxis found that NOX's memory was totally wiped. The only thing NOX knew how to do was walk and use basic language skills. After many months of reprogramming Braxis installed a basic Mechanic sub-routine that made NOX a useful resource for his shop. Years have passed and with NOX being less and less helpful due to programming issues, Braxis decided to reprogram and do a little experimentation. During the reprogramming session something went terribly awry. After tweaking here and there Braxis thought he was finished and upon power up its almost like NOX came to life. Fully aware and sentient, he's like a new being. The program installed just fine, he now was trained to fend off evil doers or anyone that would bring Braxis harm, but retained some of his knowledge as a mechanic. But he does have his own agenda, something that was also triggered in the experimentation. NOX now has this overwhelming passion to find he previous owner and creator, but still remains content with his long friend Braxis in the employ of the Jax's.
I know it seems strange as a Gageteer Bounty Hunter, however this Career and Specialization matches exactly what I have in mind for this character. Great shooting ability, but to retain a little of his former self with his mechanics background. So even though it says he's a bounty hunter, it's more of a Mechanical Minded Bodyguard.