"My enemies must pay for their crimes, and the only payment I will accept is blood"
User: Corp
Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Berserker/11
Scar is an imposing figure who stands out easily in a crowd. Her mount is a muscular dusty red Rage drake named “Fang”. Atop her mount her 6ft tall lean and muscular frame can be an intimidating sight. Adding to the unsettling presence is the ornate Tribal tattooing of bother her arms. From fingertips to shoulders, symbols of the Jibal Sig engrave her skin.

Despite years under the cruel Athas sun, Scar is in remarkably good condition. Her skin is well tanned but not overly so and her tangled hair is a dark brown which hangs near shoulder length. Her eyes are a deep brown, which almost look black to the naked eye. Facial features are sharp and toned, posture is straight but not rigid.

Her clothing is simple desert garb, crafted from fine cloth with crisscrossing straps of brown, black, and tan leather. Slung casually over her shoulder is a massive fullblade she calls "Stone Breaker". The blade itself is a strange thing to behold. The massive sword is black as the night’s sky and strange lights resembling stars run down the length of the blade. Along with "Stone Breaker" She carriers a well used throwing axe, and two well maintained javelins.
Not much is known about the warrior Scar. Appearances suggest some sort of military training, whether that is mercenary, tribal, or gladiatorial is hard to say. The fact that she has tamed a Rage Drake is a testament to her power.

What is known about Scar is her connection to Claybo, and her isolation in the deserts of Athas. How long she has been out in the hot sands in uncertain, and her unwillingness to talk about it suggests it was not entirely voluntary.

She has however expressed an extreme hatred for the templar, and her goals appear to line up perfectly with that of the party.