Throm EmptyTankard

"What you can't solve by drinking, you can solve by fighting. Somethings are solved by both."
User: Ed
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Fighter/5
A brawny dwarf with reddish brown hair long dwarven beard in a point not braided as most dwarves do. Some battle scars from various "learning" experiences along the roads of travel and adventure. His nose looks as if it has been broken at least once and was not properly set before it mended. Not overly charismatic in looks or by charm just the gruffest dwarf who likes to fight and drink.
Throm once a miner in the mines of his homeland, specialized in the axe when called upon by his king to fight to defend his homeland. Spend a lot of time working with axes and training in the fighting style of axe and shield. Eventually upon growing bored with the mining having build up his muscle from mining and his skill with shield and axe Throm decided to take up adventuring as a new life style and soon after left his homeland. Taking to the roads and traveling with caravans as a guard, or on occasion taking up with a band of fighters for hire. Throm may not be the most handsome of dwarves or even the most charismatic when talking but he is a seasoned fighter that knows his way around a battlefield.
Religion: Prays to Delgard "Lord of the Adventure (CG), Master of Journeys". Since Throm is an adventurer.

Prays to Kuldor "Lord of Strength, The Strong One (CG)". For obvious reasons Throm also believes/prays to the go of strength.