Ayra Stormguard

"Shove it up your arse i don't heal for free."
User: Stephanie
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Cleric/1

Born to the Lands of Linnorm Kingoms, with an Ulfen mother and Varisian father, Ayra soon became what seemed of a beautiful outcast due to her pale skin, bright grey-blue eyes, and dark black hair. She grew strong and fierce at a small village that is bordered between the Kingdoms and the Nolands. Due to unwanted forceful desire, Ayra’s mother’s pregnancy was an unwanted one. With due time Olen, Ayra’s mother, soon became attached to her daughters beauty and wits.

Growing up she was considered a lone wolf and a quite mouse, speaking to barely anyone and keeping mostly to herself, however; Ayra always did enjoy the small pleasures of life in her small village. At thirteen years of age her village became under attack. Fire spread like wildfire, burning down homes and destroying the life of her people. Before any action was made to escape Ayra fell into the hands of a man named Killian. With kicks and screams she was taken away to only then watch her mother die at the hands of the man who claimed himself her father.

With the years passing and time only aging her older, Ayra soon was brought up into her father’s way of the Sczarni. Classes of clergy where taken at the temple of Pharasma, this helped with the spontaneous tasks that where given to be completed overtime. Her ways of the north still remains as she quietly keeps her personal hidden tasks and agenda from her father.

At the age of twenty one, Ayra finally manages to make her way to KaerMaga, where yet any task is given to her from her family. Her cold, stone, beating heart anxiously awaits as she finds herself wide eyed in the city… the city of KaerMaga.

Killian in battle.(The man with long black hair and bushy beard)


Ayra stands at five feet and six inches. She has long black wavy hair with white stripes on the front part of her hair. She preferably has her hair tied up to keep most of it from falling onto her face. With having to live in a small village Ayra only acquire but certain tattoos upon her face. She prefers a long spear as a weapon, however, she occasionally pulls out her crossbow if needed. With eyes piercing grey-blue, Ayra does not ever have a problem given anyone the cold death stare.