Alyra Shadesong

"The shadows hold many secrets."
User: Josh
Campaign: Second City Saints
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Class: Bard (Shadesinger)
Alyra Shadesong stands a few inches taller than most unicorn fillies, but is still shorter than your average colt. Alyra moves with grace and elegance, seeming almost to glide when her legs are not visible.

Alyra has a charcoal grey coat, which is dark enough to be mistaken for black. Her snowy mane falls in waves, while a sideswept bang partially covers her right eye. Her mane couples eerily with her ice blue eyes.
So you desire to learn of my origins? Very well.

The tale begins as thousands before it have, in a forest. However, this was not the greater Whitetail, or the toxic Everfree. No. The forest in which my tale begins is known as The Shadewood. Within this wood, lies the city of Hollow Shades, built into the trees and thriving as a part of the very lifeblood of the forest itself.

It is here, where my tale begins. The tale of a naïve, snow white foal.

From a young age I believed shadows were far more complicated than people seemed to believe. I spoke with my own shadow, and spoke with the shadows of other objects, and sometimes even other ponies. I was deemed "challenged". And, honestly, how could I blame them. I was just the "crazy shadow foal" that everyone made fun of. I was alone.

Or so I believed.

It was dusk when it happened. I was trotting home from an exploratory journey into the forest with the only pony brave enough to deal with the social rejection of me, the blank flank.

I loved Calyx Treeweaver. She was a sister to me. A friend where no one else was. She remains the best friend I have to this day.

Unfortunately for us, our rampant giggling had disturbed a bear in its hibernation. He came from a nearby cave faster than we could gallop. I began to shudder, my horn glowing it's ethereally blue hue as fear seized us both...

And then I noticed it.

The shadows.


I spoke, and the voice that came from my mouth was frozen, and ghostly

"Protect us."

And the shadows that I had held so dear, the shadows that only I understood listened. The writhing shades leapt at my call, creating a dome around us both.

That was the day my coat became as black as the shadows I spoke too. That was the day that the frozen double quaver graced my flank. That was the day I learned what I was capable of.

Years later, I stood on the stage of the Hollow Shades Music academy, preforming in a concert, when my shadows began to listen once more, and the mantle of the Shadesinger was thrust upon me. The rest, as they say, is left in the shadows of time.
Traveling with the bits and pieces of shadows from afar, her own is a patchwork story of her journey, waiting to tell its tale.