"The Lady Helps Those Who Help anything but the last of my glowsnuff"
User: Shane
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Priest of Tymora/7
20 years old as of DR1357

15 STR
11 INT
15 WIS
16 DEX
13 CON
15 CMS

Saving Throws:
Paralyze / Poison 9
Petrify / Polymorh 12
Rod, Staff or Wand 13
Breath Weapon 15
Spells 14
+1 Mind Magic

Movement 12/6
Armor Class 0 (plate mail)
Shieldless 1

Raised by grandmother and grandfather, Frida and Garth.

Tithing History:
26 Marpenoth 1356 - 5gp
11 Uktar 1356 - 11gp
19 Uktar 1356 - 18gp
23 Hammer 1356 - 30gp

Random names:

Mystlin and Snowflake or "Mystlin Snowflake" (evil)
Derval Ironeater

Random stuff:
[Cleric of Myrkul]
small silk pouch
small ivory holy symbol of myrkul
[/Cleric of Myrkul]

Stone of Continual Light 10ft radius
1 vial of holy water
silk chord bone with painted half mask
copper/gold ring
dagger w/pewter lion's head pommel
Medal from daggerford militia

Special Abilities:
-Turn Undead
-Moment 1/day
-Raise/Lower Die roll 1/day
-Favor of Tymora 1/day (Tome of Magic)
-Feat OR Probability Control OR Lower Resistance 1/day (Tome of Magic)
-Moment Reading (Tome of Magic)

Languages spoken:

On the 9th day of Tarsakh Troman was born in his family home. Raised by his paternal Grandfather, a stonemason, and his grandmother as the second child in a large family of 9, one of which was an identical twin.

At age 7, Troman served a half-elven patron named Valeria for 17 months. She had a spot on the Council of Daggerford and needed a friend.

Valeria greatly inspired Troman and eventually fell in love with him, though he didn't feel the same way.

Valeria's older brother eventually threatened Troman's life because he seeks to compete in his father's trade (Blacksmith)
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