"The snakes shal never return"
User: Chad
Race: Yssge
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Barbarian/ Frenzied Berzerker/13
A tall pale skinny man, his skin is almost pure white. His eyes are a solid green with no pupils. He wears a tattered cloak and skintight dark brown He wields a Mordencrag when fighting. When not in combat he wears it on his back, in a custom made sling.

Garr is no longer pale and gaunt. He is stout and his skin wears the color of the ground beneath him. Also, his skin bears the slight patter of rock upon it. His hair is now brown and worn in a topnot and his eyes have taken on an earthly brown.
Garr was born in the northlands. As the son of a slave he knew his place in society. He was destined to be on the front lines of a raid. The first in town, the first to burn a house, the first to get shot with arrows, the first to have oil poured on his head. All the fighting with none of the glory.

Garr made a name for himself because of how he was able to survive. As a slave, he was traded as property for position within the clan. He was eventually traded up to the chief of the clan, Fussle Iron-Fist. Garr was the pride of all the slaves, first above even his father.

Then it happened. Fussle's partner was a woman with no contact with the outside world. Kept as a near-slave, she grew fond of the growing Garr. Needless to say, she cohered Garr into sharing her furs with him. Unfortunately, Fussle walked in on them while they were in the throes of the moment. Instead of outright killing him right there, Iron-Fist wanted to make an example out of Garr. he challenged him to an honor fight to the death. That was a mistake. They had trained Garr to be the perfect killing machine. That day, that hour, that minute, he was. Garr slayed Fussle like a boy steps on ants for fun.

That also ended Garr's time in the clan. A slave can never fight against a clan member no matter what the cause. The slave is then expelled from the clan with nothing but what he has at the moment. only the mark of the forsaken, a black hat permanently affixed to his head be barbaric means is given to the slave.

Garr made it to more civilized lands though, and still upholds the honor of his tribe for everyone to see. Even though he is a forsaken, he still upholds his position of a fighter, a brawler, one of the honorable slaves. he does battle where it is honorable according to his code. That is why he joined the dragons and why he grew fond of their leader. To this day he is unswervingly loyal to Raylos and his fellows.
Garr's magical item: Obsidian

Reckless Craghammer *Reckless pride*

This Craghammer was forged by the great blacksmith Hurrstrike over 200 years ago during a time of great conflict and strife within the Yssge. Clans were warring within themselves and with each other, and Hurrstrike forged this hammer to bring peace between the clans.

Legend has it that Hurrstrike burned with rage while forcing the hammer into shape and poured his wild abandon into the metal. The head of the hammer is not flat, but divoted by the mighty blows of the smith. The metal handle is slightly forward curved in an aggressive but unbalancing manner.

Garr has come upon this weapon during his battle with the chief. He took what was his in battle and no one stood in his way as he walked away forever.