Brion Tarne

User: Jake
Campaign: Knight Errant
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Cavalier/3
The protagonist in this telling is one of few nobles who was born long after he had lost his country. You see, he was the son of Casal and Beatrice Tarne. They were in Gault when the revolution happened. But that is a story for another time. Fast forward a few years and you get to what is important for our purposes. They helped settle a "kingdom" in the wild area known as the River Kingdoms. They called the Kingdom Gralton, after their homeland. Once the kingdom was settled, Casal and Beatrice Tarne had a son. His name was Brion and this is where this tale really begins.

Brion's was born into the world a noble of Gault. But... Gault no longer existed. Casal saw fit that his son was prepared for an eventual return to Gault and to take the throne. He was given the finest teachers a person could want and taught in all things a leader and king should learn.

Brion's uncle Halidan and his father had had a falling out and hated each other as long as they could remember but, Halidan always had a soft spot for Brion. He taught him how to ride a horse. A skill that Brion showed a remarkable aptitude for. Although the first time no one would have guessed it. He was thrown and hit his head. The village healer later would say he was dead for almost three minutes. When he came to, he didn't understand why everyone was gathered around him. He got up and with an embarrassed smile, got back on the horse. It was the only time anyone ever saw him fall. (To be continued)