"got to love the arrow in the head"
User: Jamie
Race: half elf
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Ranger/5
Distription: Tamarie is a 26 year old beautiful half elf with long wavy fiery red hair and deep green eyes. She stands about 5’8” and weight 130lbs. She is neutral good and worships the deity Ketephys.
Tamarie was born in the town of Maashinelle. Her mother’s name is Tessara Jathal she is the daughter of Amrunelara Jathal one of the high elves. As a young child Tessara was always off in the woods of Kyonin searching for new adventures and animals to tame. As she got older her adventures started to take her further and further away from Kyonin. One day while she was out, she went into the forests of Wilewood. Tessara was one of the best archers around as well as a damn good animal trainer. She was planning on staying in Wilewood for just a month or two. During her time there she was being watched by a skillful rogue named Taveras Windstrung.

Taveras thought that Tessara was one of the most beautiful creatures the God Ketephys has ever created. She had long red hair, sky blue eyes and the pointiest ears he had ever seen. Even though he was human he had always fancied elves, he couldn’t help but love their ears. Being a rogue definitely helped him get to know many elves without them knowing. One day Taveras got up the courage to go and talk to Tessara. He went out and found a wolf pup that looked to be about 5 months old. He then traveled to find were Tessara would be that day. When he finally found her she was by a small pond, sitting on a rock, surrounded by tree’s. She was sitting there looking out into the water looking so beautiful, it completely captivated Taveras. Young Taveras almost completely forgot about the wolf pup and his plan to catch the young Tessara’s eye. Then the wolf pup started to lick vigorously at Taveras face, reminding him of why he was there.

Taveras took a deep breath, climbed skillfully down from the tree to look for a nice stick. Once he found it he rounded up the pup and got him really excited about the stick. Then Taveras threw the stick as close to the area were Tessara was. The wolf pup instinctively went after the stick. Taveras followed the wolf pup running, laughing, and saying what a good boy the wolf pup was. This instantly alarmed Tessara in a way she wasn’t expecting. She instinctively jumped up into the tree above the rock where she was sitting and drew her bow. The wolf pup was searching for the stick when Taveras got to the area, he knew that she had hidden and where she was, but he acted oblivious. He ran to the wolf pup and started playing with the wolf pup, helping him find the stick. Upon rolling on the ground with the pup he made it look like he just caught a glimpse of the beautiful Tessara.

Taveras instantly stopped playing with the wolf pup and bowed toward Tessara saying “My lady I didn’t mean to startle you. I thought my pup and I were alone in these woods. Please do not be afraid we mean you no harm.” Tessara lowered her bow and gave the attractive man a good stare down. He was tall and dark; he had dark brown hair with green eyes. He stood about 5’9” and had the lanky nimble appearance of a skilled rogue. Sensing her hesitation Taveras said “my dear lady please come down from the tree, I mean you no harm. Come on down and play with little Titan”. Tessara looked down at the wolf pup, he was extremely cute and in need of a belly rub. She could also see in this man and see that he had a kind heart and was not a threat to her. Tessara slowly lowered herself from the tree and began to rub the wolf pups belly. Tessara and Taveras smiled at each other and began talking. They talking about their childhood, where they grew up and there interest. There was a lot of smiling and laughing, while the wolf pup was sleeping between them. Before they knew it the sun had gone down and the sun was down and the stars were shining brightly with the moonlight reflecting off of the pond. It was really turning out to be a romantic setting and neither one of them wanted to leave and travel through the woods back to their quarters for the night. They decided to stay there for the night and cuddle under the moonlight.

The next morning as they packed up they decided to meet back in the same spot tomorrow. Taveras continued to court Tessara, one night under the stars; Taveras and Tessara shared a passionate kiss. The kiss sent fireworks between them, and instantly they fell in love. Tessara knew she couldn’t be with a human, being the daughter of the high elf. But she couldn’t ignore the love of her life sitting right in front of her. She knew then that she would have to make the toughest decision of her life. Should she run away with the love of her life, or return home with a broken heart? After taking a few nights of passionate love and long conversations with Taveras, the decision became clear. Tessara had found her soul mate. She would return with him to Maashinelle, get married and start a family.

One year later Tessara gave birth to a little girl and they named her Tamarie. She had her father’s eyes and chin and her mother’s nose and long pointy ears. They were the perfect interracial family, full of love and happiness. A few years past, as Tamarie grew her mother made sure to teacher her all the ways of the elves and how to wheel a bow and arrow. Tessara missed home but she knew that she could never return, with her family but in her heart she knew she had made the right decision. Taveras made a living being skillful rouge and providing nicely for his family. While Tessara stayed home raising little Tamarie and hunting to provide food on the table. During these hunting sessions Tessara would take Tamarie with her and allow her to take the first shot at potential prey. At ten years old Tamarie was very proficient with a bow and was able to go out hunting and killing on her own. Tamarie loved to venture off into the wilderness and find new places to explore. When Tamarie was sixteen years old her mother brought home a little leopard cub that didn’t even have its eyes open yet. Tamarie begged to keep the leopard cub offering to raising and have it be her lifelong companion.

One night while everyone was sleeping, something dreadful happened. A group of about eight men ambushed their happy home. Taveras quickly drew his sword and began defending his family killing two of the intruders, but it was not enough. 4 of the men covered Tessara, tied her up and ran into the wood while the other 2 distracted Taveras while using his daughter as a decoy. The leopard tried to help but it was still too young to fight or know what was going on. Taveras and Tamarie were able to fight off and scare the 2 intruders and they fled to the north, Taveras went after them, running as fast as he could but it was no use they were gone and so was his wife, the love of his life. Taveras returned to the house to raid the two intruders that he did manage to kill. Upon his search he found a patch that he knew came from Kyonin. Tessara used to tell stories about kyonin and described the patched of the high guard. Taveras instantly knew that Tessara’s mother the high elf had somehow found them.

Taveras told his daughter what had happened and that he would teacher her some skills with a sword incase the battle got to close for an arrow. For years they trained together and vowed that one day they would be a family again. Tamarie continued exploring, mostly to the north. Her favorite places to venture were the ruins of Mosswater and Scrawny Crossing. She always imagined that she was entering the old Elvin city of Kyonin with a large group of close adventures on a mission to get her mother back. She would practice her acrobatics by jumping from ruin to ruin and then practice her quick and rapid shot by jumping turning and firing at a certain tree. One day during a mission Tamarie’s father was greatly wounded in the leg by guarded trapped mine. The mine took his leg but not his life. Tamarie cared for her father until he was healed enough the work again, but this time as a teacher for young men wanting to learn the ways of the rogue. At the age of 24 Tamarie and her leopard set out for their journey to find another group of travelers. She would gain their trust and become a close family. Once Tamarie had a big close group of adventures, she vowed that they would travel to Kyonin to find her mother and bring her back home. Tamarie made sure that she would keep her mission and past a secret until she knew that she had found the right group of adventures.
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