"I remember."
User: D3M1URG3
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Monk/5
Neverie Poe (Current Day w/ Traveling Clothes)

Neverie Poe (Current Day w/out Traveling Clothes)

Young Neverie (Fighting upon the plains)

Neverie Poe comes from a long line of sacred seers, a tribal people who worship their ancestors along with the spirits that comprise the world as we know it. Neverie, unlike the other members of his tribe, took the martial way upon himself and began to view his talent with a bow as his path in life.

Joining a monastery at a young age after the destruction of his village, Neverie Poe applied his martial talents to the studies they taught him of enlightenment. After many years Neverie Poe was exiled from this monastery for placing his martial teachings and need for the hunt over the path the monks had in store for him.

Following his exile, Neverie Poe traveled for many months along a great river -- hunting and sleeping in the woods as he made his way along a path he chose for himself. His faith in his abilities are more important to him than anything that anyone could ever offer him.