Edwin Sunderhand

User: Jack
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Wizard- Conjurer/2
Edwin is a fairly averagely sized Human male. He has a shaved head bearing faded arcane tattoos, and a long mustache of muted brown hair that hangs off his face. He wears drably colored noble's clothing and a long, billowy, burgundy-red hooded cloak with night-sky blue lining, clasped with a golden symbol of a hand clutching an eye, giving a hint to his profession. More often than not, he will have the hood up, hiding the tattoos on his head. His hands are perpetually ink-stained, the tips of his spindly fingers blackened from years of scribing and copying text. On the ring finger of his right hand is a signet ring that bears his personal symbol- a feather imposed over a stylized eye. Inside of his cloak is a multitude of scroll cases, each meticulously placed so he knows what's in each. When fully cloaked, this makes him appear lumpy.