Spirit of Anubis

"The cycle of life and death continues... We will live... Our foes will die."
User: Cody
Campaign: Swamplight Burial
Race: Lupus Silent Strider
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Galliard/Athro
Lupus Form: Zylo appears as the epitome of pure breeding within the Silent Striders tribe. His ears are large, his body and features jackal-like, though bearing more of the size of a wolf. His fur is shorter, black and glossy. His eyes are bright golden in tone, with a gaze that seems to pierce into your heart as if weighing your deeds against the scales of Ma'at. He bears rank, breed, auspice and tribe glyphs under his fur on his sides, glyphs which emit a pale glow in the umbra but are otherwise only seen as a slight lightening of the fur due to the tattoos underneath. His eyes sport golden egyptian eye markings.

Crinos Form: The spitting image of the ancient Egyptian God Anubis. His physique is leaner than some Crinos, but his strength comes from tight wiry muscles. A fearsome and impressive sight. His eyes sport golden egyptian eye markings.

Homid Form: A packmate of his once referred to him as a "modern Prince of Persia." His skin is dark tan, and his features are very handsome. (appearance 5, pure breed 5) He appears to be of middle eastern descent, and for those in the know they would easily note the similarities to an ancient line of Egyptians. He moves and acts with a bit of a feral mein, sporting long black hair and a short beard. He wears a pair of dedicated clothing, obviously picked out by a Homid with some form of taste in style: a black silk button-up shirt with a pair of nice black slacks, though he wears a set of leather-thong sandals, offsetting the otherwise dressy look. He also wears a golden ankh that dangles around his neck. He also sports egyptian eye markings.