"Flirt with death and you just might get laid."
User: Thane
Campaign: Run to Survive
Race: Troll
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Face
Dapper, well dressed older looking Fomori male. Grey hair and beard. At 2.3m (7.5') all and 280kg, not as large as most trolls. Dark of skin and eye. Talks with a slight Irish accent.
O. G.
My name, or at least what I am known as now. Creeps that have known me for years (and there are few of them) call me Old G. Those that knew me as Gogarty Callahan are dead or forgotten on another continent. I am a Troll. Or more precise a Fomori, a race that inhabits a more cultured and intelligent branch of the Trollish tree. Talk, I am good at it. Some say I like to hear myself spin tales, that I like the sound of my voice… Nothing to that at all. I am just good at getting others to listen, and perhaps change their minds or do what is best. No magic involved… Mostly. Just a god given knack for helping people see the right way of things, and if that helps send a few creds my way, well who would complain about that? Mentioned I was a Fomori, huh? Well that don’t mean I cart about a wagon full of clubs and bash heads in. I prefer the gentle art of exploding heads from a half mile away, less mess that way. Oh, but if needs be, I have my shotgun to sweep a room - sure enough. Truth be known though, I have talked my way out of far more scrapes than shot my way out… Now, what’s the job?
Wears a long, well made Ulysses Coat over durable but stylish street clothes and boots. Carries an over the shoulder bag full of goodies. Normally armed with a folding stock shotgun and broken down sniper rifle.