Jack Daniels

User: kenneth
Campaign: Sunset Vale
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard
Daniel was born and raised on a poor farm. A wondering wizard of Azuth noticed Daniel’s intelligence while traveling through the countryside when Daniel was about to be setup in an arranged marriage. The wizard, Jack, convinced him to become his apprentice. For 4 years Daniel studied under his master. He converted to Azuth early on and became interested in collecting knowledge.

Two years ago Daniel chose to go his own way. He does not have any allegiance except to Azuth and the pursuit of knowledge. He has not forgotten his past upbringing and is still very stingy with casting materials. Because of this upbringing, his ultimate goal is to retire wealthy and continue his studies in comfort. He does not have any moral qualms with regard to the work that he takes, but leans more toward good than evil like most people.
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