Lennethel Treantblade

"I shall bear these shackles for as long as I remember."
User: Ergitz
Campaign: The Vampire Lord
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/Mage/3/3
Standing at a very, very modest and short 4'5'' tall, Lenneth always has her face covered up by either her hood or covering it with the terrain around her. Whenever she walks the distinct sound of chains can be heard, but her footsteps are light and she seems unhindered by shackles.

Her looks are that of what's expected of a noble elf - Long, beautiful dark brown hair, fair skin, and piercing blue eyes.
Not much is known about Lenneth. All she's shared to people who have talked to her is that she's a war prisoner, a commander, a princess, and a living shame all wrapped under one cloak, as she'd then pull the hood of her cape over her face more.

She was born into a life where everything was peaceful. In the safe haven in the Woods of Ærus, there was no war, no famine, no poverty... nothing had bothered the woods for quite some time, nor was the Vampire Lord even interested in the forest. Lenneth grew up enjoying this carefree life. The peace subsided when the Vampire Lord struck a deal with the Cloud Giants under the rule of Grom'nih-kal, who resided in the mountains east of Ærus.

The Vampire said that if the giants wiped out the Elves, he would reward them with riches and power beyond their comprehension. They quickly agreed and launched many attacks against the village, and around this time, Lenneth was old enough to fight.

Her Father quickly initiated her under the Rites of the Bladesong, an ancient yet deadly warrior pact that was rarely called upon in their time of peace. She was quick to master, but was rather reluctant, after they had appointed her to Commander status once she was finished and given the sacred blade of the forest - Cloud's Haven.

She accepted her fate and made the giants fight in the forest where they had the advantage and it seemed like the elves would win, but then the giant's leader lit the forest on fire, forcing the elves to retreat.

Lenneth had escaped, but not with her pride nor dignity in tact. She had lost everything near and dear to her, and was soon captured by the giants and sold to the vampire lord. She was immediately shackled and sent to be locked away in the prison.

She quickly made friends with the cell mate next to her, a Halfling that was unnamed, yet was a Hero of one of the Halfling villages. He simply named himself Pharis, and left it at that, recalling all his tales and memories of life beyond the prison. When he was captured, the vampire lord had made it so he could not speak and cut off his left arm, so they had to speak through writing, and Pharis had taught Lenneth much about other cultures and what things were happening beyond the Prison.

After many, many years in the Prison, there was one fateful day - There was a prison break.
There was a Dwarven siege on the Prison camp led by Uliyr Thunderbeard. After quick work, Uliyr and his Dwarves took over the prison camp and liberated all the captives. Uliyr met with Lenneth and gave her all her equipment back and told her to go home, war was breaking out everywhere, but she would not have it. She followed Uliyr for months, telling him every day that he had given her freedom back, and that she wanted to help as much as she could, and he cracked eventually.

He taught her all about being a commander and how to work metal into making weaponry and how to fight, most importantly. She went alongside the dwarves for months on many warfronts, and skirmishes, getting stronger and more wise, and her hunger for revenge never being satisfied. No matter how many orcs or goblins or bugbears of the vampire lord's forces she killed, it never satisfied her thirst to avenge her family, her friends, her people. She left Uliyr's company after a year's time of war and battle, on a quest to refind her lost town and murder Grom'nih-kal once and for all.
-Powerful Enemy: Grom'nih-kal
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