Azlant the Magnificent

"I am Azlant the Magnificent. Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision."
User: jake
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Clothes: wide brimmed hat, multi-colored cloak, leather craftsman vest, knee high boots, mithril shirt.
Affectations: Ornate Pipe
A native son of Glorious Golden Katheer, capital city of Qadira, with its canyon-like harbor, Azlant is part of the freeborn halfling diaspora of that vast port city. The moment he came into the world, every mirror in the house broke dispelling any doubt he would be a jinx--which is why Azlant claims his mother gave him the most noble of names.

This son of a tanner, grew up wandering The Grand Market of Katheer--much to the chagrin of his parents. Had it not been for his jinx, the occasional nimble-thumbs (a Qadiran euphemism for a marketplace thief) would have lost a hand or found himself in prison. The fortunate jynx eventually found a patron who payed his way to a bardic college where his jinx and a latent propensity for magic could be harnessed.

Once his studies were complete, Azlant dabled as a street performer and eventually found a mercenary crew of ill fate who thought the ginger jinx might change their luck. They were wrong--while sailing northward their ship sank at midnight off the coast Taldor near Kozan when strange lights appeared. The mercenary band all drowned, but Azlant and most the crew of the ship managed to swim to shore. Blaming Azlant for the catastrophe, they quickly chased him off. Dejected and battered, the halfling made his way to an abandoned lighthouse that wasn't so abandoned. A teifling and her goblin minions had taken to using the ruined lighthouse for their lair. Stealing inside he quickly found himself out of the frying pan and into the fire. It appeared they had been responsible for the false lights and when the sorcerous half-fiend took to launching a ball of flame at him she accidentally lit the oil the crew had used, causing a massive fire. Azlant barely escaped with his life. The fire drew the attention of the shipwrecked crew who came to investigate and found a scorched and singed halfling fighting with a goblin over a threadbare cap--Azlant's first treasure (a Cap of Human Guise).

Finding the two small creature laughable the crew's mood changed about the colorfully charred bard and they aided him in dispatching the creature. The fire on the other had attracted the Taldan military who took them all into custody. Azlant, didn't stay for long. The wily halfling soon escaped, and has been wandering ever since seeing the sights he had heard about growing up. The current highlights include: The House of the Immortal Son, that great opera house in the Taldan Capital; the apiaries of Bellis with their honey; Candlestone Caverns, where he acquired his magic rapier; Chitterwood; The Nogortha Necropolis where he aquired his mithril shirt and cloak of resistance; The Field of Concord in Almas, where he happened upon a thief who found himself dangling from a roof after failing a 2nd story job--which Azlant later helped him complete.

Throughout all his adventures, Azlant has tried to keep in contact with the friends he has made--his school patron Suliman al Salidin (Suli), the rogue Ru Mar (Teifling) , adventurers he has traveled with, even the banker of House Naran of Andoran who set up his first account. Normally he posts his letters through the bank, to ensure they safely get to where they need to go--for a small fee of course.

Ru Mar


Moxzonal (Hobgoblin Ranger; Adventured @ Nogortha Necropolis /Ocasional Enforcer for the Aspis Consortium )
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