Ariana Leonriel of Kyonin

"Stay true to the Light"
User: Stephanie
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class: Paladin
Family History

Born to Elijah Leonriel of Andoran and Tessara Iada of Kyonin in the capital Iadara, Ariana Leonriel soon became the light of life between the newly parents. With love only being at a moment’s time, Ariana’s father was sent back to Andoran to complete a small task given by lordship himself. In due time in his travels Elijah encounters himself at his destination but to only find ruins and ruble and no trace of his given task. One evening, while Elijah and his comrades set up camp, a strange noise was heard afar from the nearby ruins. Soon, the light of the night was gone and shadows that creped with it took down Elijah and his comrades to a brutal end. However, with a piercing prayer to Abadar, one man was able to escape the night’s horror

Elijah and Tessara

This gave grief to Tessara once she received news of her lost love, as well as the thought of her daughter not knowing her father and the great accomplishments he’s made through out his living time. These are the only memories that Ariana can recall as for they were bed time stories that Tessara told.

Tessara in grief with baby Ariana

As time many moons have passed, Ariana grow to become a well-respected protector (paladin) of Iadara city. With hard trainging and tiredless tasks, she has received a place inside the palace as one of the guards for the Queen Telandia Edasseril the Viridian Crown. One night at a council meeting, the queen requested a small group of paladins to for seek some concerns arising in a particular part on the border of Kyonin and River Kingdoms.She states “The waterways skirting Kyonin’s northern border make up one of the primary routes for crusaders and pilgrims heading north to the River Kingdoms to combat the unholy forces arrayed there” Having had their own problems with demons, the elves are generally supportive of the crusader’s efforts, though elven warriors make it abundantly clear that the support doesn’t extend to allowing the travelers to land on their shores – under any circumstances.

In response, Strong willed and high pried with honor, Ariana willinging takes the queen task go forth on the small journey to destroy any evil.


Ariana at sixteen

[FONT="Papyrus;">Personality and Beliefs

Benevolent, bold, caring and compassionate, these are but a few of Ariana’s way of being. She always tries to see the good in everyone; however, she also understands that not everyone can be saved. Ariana respectfully follows the deity of Abadar in the same manner as her father did. Being born in a well raised family and with the freedom of any choice, slavery and injustice are two of the main peeves that she will not tolerate for. In an overall aspect of seeing life, Ariana’s oath is to seek not just to spread divine justice but to embody the teachings of the virtuous deities and the destruction of evil.

Family Friends

Young Lord Alexandar Rose and young Zanithar Rose

Tessara Iada is well acquainted with the Rose family; Alexandar Rose and son Zanithar Rose. Due to some complications with Razmiran and Ustalav, Zanithar was sent by his father to the kingdom of elves to the protection of Tessara and her family. Within a years pass Zanithar and Ariana become friends with tasks and travels given by the elves of Iadara. Soon after Ariana and Zanithar are sent on a quest given by the Queen herself. With that Ariana ask Zanithar accompany each other to the northern border of Kyonin in the quest of defeating evil.

Zanithar and Ariana's Journey

From Kyonin and into the cave

Queen Telandia Edasseril of the Viridian Crown gave Zanithar Rose and Ariana Leonriel personal sealed letters from both of their fathers. She states "I have not opened them for I know what they say and what task are being asked to be completed". With a sigh of relief Zanithar gracefully takes his letter and opens it without hesitation not giving a mind to Queen Edasseril. For what Zanithar thought was comfort and the reassurance of his father's safety, his relief turned to confusion with some spec of sadness. Not a hint of a word written on the letter stating his father's whereabouts and safety, only the whereabouts of a sword hidden in a cave in the northen border of Kyonin. Ariana, however, takes the letter and then questions Queen Edasseril with a pale and confused look "My father is dead your grace, how can I receive such a letter?" Zanithar quickly turns his attention away from his letter and towards Ariana and his Queen. Confused herself, the Queen could not give the answer Ariana was looking for but instead she replies with "There are many mysterious in this world that have yet to be solved, my children" with this she leans comfortably back into her throne, staring at them both with a soft warm smile. "Go forth on this journey and seek out what your fathers have intended for your destinies. Be rid of evil on your travels and trust no one of this knowledge. Once you find what you seek you may return with your items to Kyonin for protection." While griping the unopened letter, Ariana bows to her grace, then slowly in thought follows Zanithar out the throne room and into the city.

“Are you going to read your letter Ariana?” Zanithar asked as he looks down to still see Ariana holding the sealed parchment.

“I suppose I should, but I am afraid too. All this time he’s been alive and...” As Zanithar stops her in mid-sentence, a bit agitated and impatient, he gently reaches over to the parchment as Ariana releases without a pull. Zanithar reads in elven:

"We cannot come to see you for our duties must be fulfilled. For a long time a prophecy has been protected a now it is your turn to fulfill what our generations have done again and again. In this letter you will find a map to a cave. Inside are heirlooms that you must protect with your life. Our time is nearing and with what we are about to do we may never see either one of you again. We are sorry but it is what must be done to protect Galorian once again.

These heirlooms must never see the light of day and never leave your sight; we safely stored them for you in the sense that we don't make it back. Know this, it is in your blood that we trust, no one else is to know about what you find in this cave, many have searched for these for over 5000 years, keep them and hide them.”

- Elijah Leonriel and Alexander Rose.

With this a hastened journey began in secrecy. They told no one where they were going or what they were to do. The questions rolled through their heads on the thought of what their fathers true intentions where and what were they part of and how did Galorian tie into this?

As time passed, journeying through the forests of kyonin was uneventful. Friends where greeted and stories where passed around small camp fires. On a bright sunny afternoon, sun high in the sky, Ariana and Zanithar safely arrived at their destinations. At some point they both thought of it being too safe of travels, however, they both ignored such thought and continued forward. With a torch in hand they both dwelled into the cave once the secret elven word was spoken.

“After you milady” Zanithar playfully teases Ariana.
Giving Zanithar a playful smirk, accepting the tease, Ariana says “Are you afraid of the dark oh your light and holiness?” returning the favor.

“Eh.. no not quiet, however, if we do this all day I suppose we’ll never get inside this cave” from playfully playing with his words to turning his attention at the entrance of the cave, Zanithar’s facial expression turned to concern.

“Don’t worry in the name of Abadar and Milani, the light shall guide us through safety” and with a small prayer Ariana steps into the cave, followed by Zanithar. The darkness seemed to surround them as the feeling of terror creped through their pours. After what seemed like hours Zanithar and Ariana finally came into a room with two alters seemingly built by man. On each of the altars a family motto and crest was engraved; one for the Rose family and one for the Leonriel family. On the altar of the Rose family a ceremonial sword sat on top of the pedestal and a decorative box sat atop Ariana’s pedestal.

As they both stared into the heirlooms, beautifully placed, the chance wasn't given long enough for them to approach as it seemed that a gas was release into the small dark light room. Before Ariana was able to draw her sword she saw shadowy figures approaching them both. Quickly the breath was taken away from their bodies as their sight slowly faded seeing only but a glimpse of red robes.

In a Dark room with no light to shine through

Cold, shivering, eyes adjusting to the darkness, Ariana slowly stretched her body as her arms placed themselves on the cold hard stone like floor.

“Zani..” she takes a moment to breath for what seems the taste of dry blood still lingered in her mouth. Where are my clothes? She thought as senses slowly started to recombine in her head. “Zanithar?!” this time, for what was a low pitched tone before; she managed to make it clear and loud. To a distress, however, there wasn’t a response. As she slowly began to move Ariana comes to realization that her hands and legs are chained together followed by strips of chains bolted on the wall.

Frustrated, alone, cold and loss of all dignity she tries to use a healing spell to help ease the pain, however nothing seemed to work.

“I am sure this is a misunderstanding. Please...” She paused but only to hear the silence of darkness. With a grip at the chains and an angry snarl creeping through her voice Ariana yells “Where is my friend? Where am i?! In the name of Abadar I will find you and I will bring this to justice!” A second later the door slammed opened. A dark figure with red robes slowly crept into the cell. The scent of fresh spilled blood surrounded the room. As Ariana gracefully tries to stand to up to present herself the attempt failed miserably when the hooded figure reached over to forcefully grab the back of her long blonde silk hair to then place what seemed like a piece of cloth over her nose. With that the figure pressed hard forcing Ariana to struggle, pull, and yank at the robes with utter fear of death just moments away. Her attempts soon become less of an effort as she slowly rolled her eyes to the back of head. Smirking with pleasure, the red robed figure takes her away.

“Who are you?”

“Where are the other heirlooms?” A hand was forcefully slammed against Ariana’s cheek to awaken her from slumber.

“Where is your father?” they asked simultaneously.

“Are you part of the society?” this time only one voice was heard.

“Where is the society?”

No answer. No answer was giving as Ariana’s eye sight failed to un-blur itself. Her mouth was dry and her muscles ached from what seemed that she was beaten to awaken.

“I… don’t” she struggles “know anything, please...” another slap was place followed by a dagger being forced onto the center of her hand. With this Ariana’s eyes widen as she yelled in pain to then pass out once more.

Days become weeks and weeks became months. At some point Ariana felt as if her body had died but then to only be awaken to more torture and pain. A couple of scars, over time, where place upon her as well as some broken ribs.

Saved by illusions followed by indentured servitude

On an uneventful day the door once again slammed open in Ariana’s cell. Two creature liked men walked inside the cell, placing a bag over her head as well as forcefully dressing her into ragged clothing. It had seem like a decade that Ariana saw sunlight or felt sunlight and the moment she was carried out of the cell and into daylight she quickly jerked as the warmth of the sun beamed on her skin. As she was placed into a bared like carriage Ariana tried to adjust her sight as she saw glimpse of humans and orc like creatures through the tattered bag over her head. The second her eyes met to what seemed like Zanithar, hope quickly rushed into her veins as she jolted upwards towards Zanithar’s figure. With less fortune Ariana was hit on the back of her head by one of the male officers, knocking her onto another prisoner unconscious.

When Ariana awoke maidens and healers attended to her wounds. This had been the first sign of kindness in months as well as plenty of water, food and rest.

Soon after Ariana asked where she was as her words of strength slowly started to return. A young girl with bright brown eyes turned to her and said “Tymon of the river kingdoms”. Not being too familiar with the name Ariana asked why?

“Because your debt was bought by Ullmog the champion of Tymon. You are to be a gladiator ‘till your debt is repaid.”

“I have no debt.. umm” Ariana’s eyes curiously eyed the young girl as she stop in mid- sentence.

“My name is Emilia Stern” the young girl states as she smiles with a gentle answer.

“I thank you for you kindness and servitude. I shall not forget this. If there is anything you need in return I am at your servitude”

Giggling, Emilia steps aside, smiles at Ariana and then bows her way out as Ullmog enters the room.

“I am glad to see that you are still alive. For a moment you seemed like you were not going to make it through the journey home.” He laughs forcefully, grunting almost as it seem. ”You will undergo into training once you are fully rested and healed. Your indentured servitude is mine until I say otherwise. If you try to escape and or attempt to eliminate any of your fellow officers’ punishment of death with be as followed. Am I clear?”

Trying with all the powers within Abadar not to look angered Ariana replies “I am in your servitude for you have saved my life. I will also train under your command for I will regain my freedom once all this is done” as a small tilted bow from her head was given. Ullmog snorts again with laughter as he addresses the maidens to finish their current task with Ariana as he walks out the room.

A year passes as Ariana trained effortlessly day and night to become stronger. With a couple of begs and sweet smiles she was fortunate enough to have Ullmog send a letter to her mother sating that she was safe and well. She was also fortunate to make a female friend named Vel. Surprisingly they both seemed to share similar stories.

The day finally came to where Ariana and Vel heard the roars and cheering piercing through the gated doors that arose from the arena. As the doors where manually opened the sun pierced brightly while both of the young ladies walked towards the center of the arena. Heart pounding fierce fully Ariana slowly turned amazed at the crowd as well as being disappointed at the amusement of death. Once she reached the center other doors opened. As other comrades stepped into the center of the arena Ariana’s heart sank with joy and terror for what seemed like she saw a ghost. As Zanithar stood before her, the crowd roared and Ullmog appeared upon his post readying himself to single the start of what seemed the beginning of the end.

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