Lily Pond

User: Alyssa
Campaign: The Vampire Lord
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Druid/3
A young 5'5" Druid with black hair and silver eyes.
I lived in a small town where we had a druid not far out in the woods. All of the little kids would go and visit her and she would teach us some of the basics of nature like what berries we should and should not eat, and various plants that we should stay away from. As we got a little older most would stop coming to visit her as rumors about her being secretly a part of the vampire lords army. Eventually it was just me and Krufire, who I had became friends with, going to visit the druid. The druid started teaching us her ways and we then came to a point where she wouldn't teach us anything more unless we committed to becoming druids. Krufire wasn't sure about it he had dreamed of one day being a fighter and joining an army to fight against the Vampire lord. He ended up going with that and left just me with the Druid. It was there that I spent two years learning under her. I had just left to begin some traveling to find and learn more from another Druid when I woke up captured in a makeshift jail cell that was traveling with some others on a road. Bringing me to the point of where I am now.
can talk to squirrels, mice, and rabbits.
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