Drake Vanden

User: John
Campaign: Daemonia
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Monk/1
Drake stands at 6 feet tall and weighs in at 180lbs. He has very toned muscles, that he hides under his commoner clothes.

He has long auburn hair, reaching his shoulders, he keeps it tied back in a loose pony tail.

Drake has sharp facial facial features, which he hides under a shaggy beard, and grey eyes.
Drake grew up as a lord in a castle in the Drakon Empire. He was pretty rich and pampered most of his life.

At age 16 he decided the life of easy living is not for him, and would much rather be helping people and improving upon himself. So he set out to a monastery in the mountainous regions of the Potami Empire. There he trained in the ways of the monk. He lived peacefully at the monastery until he was 20.

At this point he kept butting heads with some of the monasteries traditions, such as being clean shaven (head and face), keeping their knowledge amongst themselves, and even refusing entrance to some people for not being "pure" enough.

A year or two went by with constant fighting, Drake decided to set out from the monastery and help people.

At age 22 he stepped out from monastery life and headed towards Stonefire lake. He obtained some live stock and grew out his hair and beard. When he finally arrived at Stonefire he set up a small house/ranch on the Anath river. He feeds travelers, and donates what little money he gets to them.