Unn Veinbreaker

"The mountain is me and I it. The tides of your fate rise and fall before me."
User: Mike
Race: Warforged
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Warden/2
A golem of stone with ripples of mithril spiraling thoughout.
Created from the central support of a lost Dwarven stronghold, Unn (Pillar in the common tongue)was awakened to combat the Technomancers of Dirz and the Teifling of Bael Turath, along with the Dragonborn of Arkhosia by the Veinbreaker clan of Gar Morra. The destruction of Dirz caused a massive tidal wave and made the remaining Warforged deactivate. Unn's Dwaven kingdom was washed away under the tidal wave and the time passed while the waves receded. Unn was re-awoken to the empty halls and ventured out to find his lost clan, or at least some answers.