The Journal of Aelic

Campaign: The Vampire Lord

A terrible day for our group.
What should have been a day of glory and pride for our party, turned out instead to be a day of sadness. Finding that banner, knowing what it will mean to our army, was wonderful. We were on our way out, when we met creatures I had never seen before. I learned they were called trolls, and they had a weird ability to regenerate themselves when thought to be dead. Burning the bodies kept this from happening. We have fought bug bears and the like more times than I can count. We never had many issues with fighting, hardly a scratch most times. Who would have thought these ugly green creatures would create such a hole in our party?

Although we lost Rhea a while ago, I did not feel the overwhelming grief that I feel at the loss of the 'tall one'. I never knew his name. I never knew what his laugh sounded like, what his history was, if he had family, nothing. I felt him smile once, over something silly that Rhea did. I was sure of it. He seemed so guarded and would never let any of us 'in' to see the real him. Now we may never know what the real 'tall one' was like.

This is why I am so adamant about finding a healer with more experience than myself; I want to raise him, to give him another chance at life. I am not sure what his wishes on this matter would have been, but I could never live with myself if I didn't try. The others are in agreement with me, but I doubt they feel as strongly as I.

We are all becoming a family. We have been through a lot together, and I have grown so fond of everyone. I pray to Kalari that we will find a healer in time, that I might just have a chance to say goodbye to him if he chooses to decline. My fondest wish would be to have him fight by our sides again, and to let him know just how much we valued him.
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