Rimenon Maereseer

User: Kaleb
Campaign: The Vampire Lord
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Ranger/4
Rimenon stands at 5’9”, wearing studded leather armor. While being relatively young, he’s in his early 100’s. Rimenon is a very skillful archer who enjoys nothing more than a good hunt. While being inclined in archery, Rimenon can also use a sword in melee range combat. He is a healthy elf who has brown eyes and silky blond hair. Even though he is able to interact with nature, he has a hard time speaking to others in the common language. He tends to stutter and slur his speech.
The recollection of my past is next to nothing but of one vivid image etched into my distant memories. I see this image in every attempt to recall my past. It is of a burning forest surrounded by a lake; as a large hooded figure stands laughing in the distance. I have determined this hooded figure to be none other than the Vampire Lord.

Curious, I aim to discover my past. The Vampire Lord seems to be the key to unlocking my memories; though I do not know why. It appears his evil shows no bounds as darkness covers this world. I must confront him and put an end to this onslaught of wickedness and misery, and hopefully find out why I’m here. I can only do so with the help of my fellow adventurers.
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