Rhea Thoruland

"Man this is interesting, I wonder what would happen if I di- uh... oops."
User: Ergitz
Campaign: The Vampire Lord
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Archaelogist (Mage/Thief)/3/3
Always clad in simple, yet somehow exotic clothing (some of which is torn and patched together with various clashing colors), Rhea is a small and somewhat frail halfbreed. She stands at 5' tall and always pokes questions and has her nose in her notes. Rather fearless in the face of danger, except in combat which she hopes to avoid at all costs.

Rhea is armed and equipped with a wide variety of spells, but chooses not to use them until needed, and rogue talents, or "Archaelogist skills" as she often refers to them as.

The Thoruland family has existed for generations upon generations, acting as high ranking Noblemen and Magicians alike. While the men devoted their life to leading the family and politics, the women were reading books and practicing the arcane arts. Each family mage was branded with a particular mark on their hands that was sort of a catalyst for their magical prowess, but it also made them hunger for knowledge, which lead to them experimenting and amassing one of the most impressive libraries. The family had stayed within the lines of "Humans only" for as long as anyone can remember, until a mistake happened: Rhea.

Rhea Thoruland was the result of her father, Dart Thoruland, going into an Elven city for political reasons, and falling in love with one of the priestesses. When Rhea was born, Dart was saddened to learn that she was half-elven, which went against the family tradition. He made the difficult choice of giving his daughter up to the Church of a small rural town. As she grew up, she was being tutored under a priest of the Goddess of the Moon. She was soon kicked out of the church for experimenting with holy water on plants, and for being too absent minded for clergy, and thus lived a life of solitude. But 10 years later, as she was about to leave town, a letter had arrived for her, addressed from a man named "Solaire".

It read that her parents were murdered on the front lines of the war happening, and her inheritance was waiting for her in the Thoruland Manor. Included in the letter was a key and a map to the manor. She traveled for 3 months, often getting lost and trying to hitch-hike back to certain landmarks, she found the manor in ruins. Almost the entire mansion had been reduced to rubble and seemed to have been abandoned for years. As she approached the gates, she noticed a man in bright gold armor, carrying a giant hammer that gleamed blue from the sun, was kicking over some of the rubble and looking around. He disappeared from her view, and when she entered through the gates to look, he wasn't there. All that was left was a piece of paper on the ground that said, "I hope you learn something from these ruins. -Solaire". As soon as she read the note, part of the rubble moved and revealed a pathway below the ground, leading into the basement.

As she ventured down the stair-case leading down, balls of flame flickered on to light her path as she went down. When she reached the bottom, she was stunned to see an entire library, but even more amazed to see all the piles of ashes in front of each bookcase. Venturing around in the massive library, there were two books beneath some ash. One book was wrapped in a fine leather casing with a scorch mark on the cover, the other was bound in an iron casing and looked brand new, however it was locked. Upon reading the leather book, Rhea learned of the entire Thoruland history, dating all the way back to when mages were common place among the family.

The more she read the book, the more she yearned to learn the secrets of her family. She spent a few days roaming the house and scavenging, looking for the man in gold armor. What she found instead was something more miraculous - there was a safe-house for the Thoruland's in the mountains. As she was ready to head out, the man in gold armor showed up and introduced himself as Solaire. He told Rhea of her family's misfortune and said he'd take her to the safe-house, but warned her of the danger; but she didn't care and insisted on going.

Upon arriving at the safe-house's door at the base of the mountains, the door swung open to reveal a completely ruined bunker. There were skeletons littered everywhere, piles of rocks collapsed. What had once been a sturdy stronghold was reduced to nothing but piles of rubble and dead bodies that had been decaying for years and years, it seemed. When Rhea entered and looked behind her to ask Solaire something, but as she turned around, no one was there. He had disappeared, no notes, no traces, no tracks.

Delving into the ruins a bit and exploring, she found a few more books laying around. She spent days reading, learning, and even finding a liking to discovering things. Upon reaching the back of the safehouse, she had stumbled upon a more regal looking room, which seemed to be untouched for the most part, save for the pile of bones on the bed. Looking around the room and examining it, she found a key in the pile of bones, one that gleamed of silver with all sorts of jewels encrusting it.

She took out the iron book and put the key in the lock, and both the key and lock disappeared, and the book flew open, revealing the instructions of basic magic, and the Thoruland brand. She took the book and fled back to her old town, and spent many weeks, months, and even years learning the arcane arts, eventually mastering everything the book had to offer. As soon as she mastered everything, the Thoruland brand engraved itself onto the back of both of her hands. As soon as it happened, she started becoming insane. Her thirst for knowledge and experimentation grew tenfold, which lead to her leaving the town in search of unexplored ruins.

On her way out, there was another letter given to her by the church, addressed from Solaire again. "When you are ready to begin learning what magic truly is, come find me in Terran Hills. -Solaire." With nothing else to go off of, she packed her things and left the town.
-Always inquisitive about things that she doesn't understand, and shows a willingness to learn.

-Has the best of intentions, despite her brash behavior and abrasive personality.

-Prefers to avoid conflict and to just solve everything through reason.