Yennan Jamamros

"Listen to the foe from him up close."
User: Osrali
Campaign: The Vampire Lord
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/3
Yennan is a goliath, standing a fearsome 7 feet tall, easily towering over other 'lesser' races. His darkened skin is covered in an assortment of scars - some from blades, others from flames. He wears a variety of leather armor and furs, preferring the range of movement it offers, and is almost always sporting a tribal mask over his head. He's fiercely protective of it.

On his person he carries an assortment of weapons, but none more important to him than his bastard sword, a weapon that is not unlike its current master - worn, yet durable. Dulled, but still plenty sharp. It is the weapon that has been with him the longest, and will be with him at the end of his journey.
Yennan was one of two bastard children conceived by a powerful orc chieftain's daughter and a captive human warrior. The orcs are a race of strong warriors - but strength alone isn't enough to wage wars. The Jamamros tribe, far to the south, needed capable leaders. Ones that had the capacity for not only battles in the short-term, but the long-term as well.

From their early lives, Yennan and his older sister Filka were learning and training under the best their tribe had to offer. By the time they were allowed to join their tribe in battle, it was clear that the two siblings had taken very separate things away from their tutelage.

Yennan fought, and sometimes lead, with courage and honor, preferring to meet their foes head-on. Though their numbers suffered sometimes, it was the warrior's way to meet conflict with steel. Filka was more interested in results, though; traps, ambushes, always picking away at enemy lines until nothing was left. The chieftain was pleased with the results, but he and most of his tribe prefered true battle - to meet their foes hand-to-hand, blade-to-blade.

Tensions rose, but still they fought. The older sister had bigger plans than just winning a few skirmishes, though. Filka began talking about how there were forces much more dangerous than humans and dwarves and elves, and that they needed to pick a side before they were simply wiped out. Some came to her way of thinking, but others, including Yennan, chose to stay independant. Filka and the others were banished, and the number loss was unfortunate, but the tribe managed to recover and stabilize.

It happened so suddenly. A full year had passed since their disappearance. Orcs and creatures unlike anything the tribe had ever encountered swarmed their lands over the course of only a couple of days. The chieftain, the heart of their people, was quick to fall at the hands of these unnatural horrors. Worst was he joined their ranks soon after death. A dark spell was creeping its way through Yennan's friends and family, very little remaining through the fire and undeath, and that's when he saw her again. Filka, a much more imposing force than when she'd left.

The siblings clashed blades. Despite his prowess, the power that she'd obtained over that year was more than his martial skill could offer. She chose not to kill him that day, preferring instead to scar him, make him live with the regret of not joining her that day. His face was disfigured by the horrible wretching powers she used, but it went deeper than his face. His sister was the undoing of an entire race, twisted from honor and courage to wield power, and only one survived.

So he wandered - he carried what he could, whatever remained from the carnage. Food, weapons, and a mask. When he felt that he couldn't move on, he was found and taken in by an old human warrior at the edge of the world. She was beyond appearances, and saw him for what he was - the last of his kind, a broken spirit.

They spent a number of years together. They trained, and his fighting style became unorthodox. A mix of orcish brutality and human swiftness. They hunted, and he learned of subtlety and patience. More than fighting or hunting, they talked(mostly her - Yennan had no words). She spoke of the horrible atrocities afflicting their world, of the people looking to stop it. He learned that there was more to the world than savage violence between races. It wasn't just about getting revenge on his sister. It was bringing her and those dark forces behind her to justice.

Eventually, the female veteran passed away, and Yennan was again alone. There was no empty feeling this time, though. Only a desire to right the wrongs of his twisted people, and bring an end to the evils the only way he knew how. Yennan the Wanderer took what he could, the woman's bastard sword in hand, and wandered once more.
-Refuses to speak on matters pertaining to his past or his mask. A wise decision; orcs have become a blight on the world, and he is nothing if not at least partially an orc.

-Follows a mild code of honor. He shows no fear, refuses to challenge foes from a distance, and is quite honest about most things.

-Says what needs to be said, will take charge if nobody steps forward, but is otherwise fairly quiet and (relatively)observant.