User: Pierre
Campaign: Monday Night BBF
Race: Wood Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Warrior/Scout/1
Average height, Blond long hair and grey eyes.
Jarod is an Elf, slight build but very fast and agile. He dresses in dark green and browns to blend into the forest background. Clothes and equipment might be well used but they are well made.
He has 2 companions, a hound called 'Rocky' and a falcon called 'Saracen'.
Not much of a background. He was born in a small village where there was a small contingent of elves. He was encouraged to leave home early...? And has traveled the wilderness ever since, living off the land and only going to villages when the need arose.
Jarod is a very laid back character, not really bothering with the affairs of men, especially Dwarves! Some would say that he was racist and not tolerant of others, this may be true but only in a casual fashion, almost being too laid back to actually be racist, but still pointing it out in an obvious way..!
Although laid back, he becomes very focused when danger is around or scouting a trail/dinner.