"Stay out of my way."
User: Briar
Race: Sindallari War Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Barbarian/1
Well-built by elven standards, Providence is a veritable Juggernaut among her own people, whose strength is unmatched by most of her peers. As an elf, she retains an unerring natural beauty, but her mannerism and social styling match her Sindallari ancestry, and in the eyes of others has an imposing and unapproachable air surrounding her.

Though she has seen her fair share of hunts, there isn't a scar on her save for her natural Sindallari 'engravings' which seem to run throughout her skin, appearing as though someone took a fine metal wire and used it to brand her with intricate designs.

Providence wears roughly made garments, mostly consisting of cured leather made from animal pelts. Consisting of a leather, strapped kilt, rear arm guards, boots, shin-guards, and bustier, Providence's armor may not be the most practical, but it does the job nevertheless.
Born to a Sindallari father and a human mother, her father's blood runs far stronger in her veins and is the key to her inherent strength. Raised among the nomadic tribes of the Sojourn Desert, life was not easy, and Providence was taught at a very early age how to pull her own weight. She learned to hunt, fish, and build from sandstone before even coming to know that there was a world outside the dunes. As a child, she was brash and wholly independent, preferring work over play and the admiration of her parents over friendship with her peers.

As she grew older, her great strength became apparent, and rather than waste her ability on hard labor, her father instead sent her to become a brave. Until her ascent into maturity, Providence was trained in the art of Sindallari warfare, and quickly mastered many styles of fighting, in particular with the traditionally favored weapon of her race: the glaive. She stood out even among apprentices, and it was not long before she was given the name she goes by now: Providence, the paragon of the Sindallari bloodline.

Always did her tribe believe that one day, she would ascend to chieftan of the tribe, her great strength unmatchable by any other. Always they would believe that it was by her hand that they might finally wash away the sins of their fore-bearers who first inflicted the curse upon them.

Then the plague came. It was sudden. People died within only a day of showing symptoms, and try as they might, the shamans could do nothing to save them. When the chieftan fell to the same sickness, the survivors turned to Providence.

She ordered the remainder of her tribe away, to a secret vale cut off from the rest of the world amidst a mountain pass that had not been ventured in years. She, on the other hand, would set out in order to find some way to cleanse her the peril of her own death.
Providence is built like a locomotive, a result of years of daily physical activity. Like most Sindallari, she is naturally strong and agile, and is able to withstand significantly more punishment than the common man. Where she excels in physical adaptivity, however, she is weaker in mental fortitude. She is wiser than she is intelligent, possessing a tactical cunning, but a complete disregard for rules of engagement.

Exceptional at strength-oriented task, Providence's strength is perhaps her greatest quality. Though she has the ability to control her own strength, she rarely finds a need to, and is more likely to break through a locked door rather that wait for it to be picked.

In combat, Providence uses her natural strength to bully her opponents, favoring power over accuracy. To her, it's all about the challenge rather than whether or not she is the eventual victor, and seeks to prove herself to all who would stand against her.