Thorgar Bronzeheart

User: Dave
Campaign: Ruins of Arth
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Cleric/6
Thorgar is a Dwarven Craftsman who travels to experience the natural wonders of the world, and find exotic materials to perfect his art. He's a bit of a mystic... he's been known to commune with a lump of ore to determine what it's intended to become, well before lifting his hammer.

He wears an old sergeant's uniform (leather, chain, and plate)... much patched and improved over the years. This includes red steel-reinforced boots and a black beret with white feathers. He carries a variety of armaments: a war-axe shaped like a dragon breathing fire; a smith's hammer modified for battle; a belt of heavy throwing axes, and a round solid-bronze shield.
Thorgar spent many years serving as a medic and blacksmith in the Red Dragons, a mercenary company. He joined mainly to get away from his homeland and see the world. He took a special interest in weapons and armor from far-flung cultures, and every cave or mountain he could find. He has a weakness for fine pipeweed... a habit he picked up during his military days.
All of his weapons and armor have a story to them. His heavy bronze shield came from the church bell of a doomed town he was helping to defend. During the last stand at the church, he brought down the bell tower with himself and many attackers inside. He only survived through blind luck, as the bell fell down over him and shielded him from the brunt of the falling wreckage. After digging himself out, he salvaged metal from the bell, and forged it into his shield, Skau-rak (Song of Fortune).

Thorgar's war-axe (Kara-Drakk) was forged during his time with the Red Dragons. He always had a fondness for throwing axes... and spent many fond hours making new ones: improving their weight, aerodynamics, and so forth. Then one day, one of his comrades made a joke about the little dwarf with his little axes, and Thorgar took that as his cue to make a huge, two-handed throwing axe.

The handle was shaped like the coiled tail of a dragon, leading up to a narrow body & head... with one of the axe blades made out of an outstretched wing, and the other made out of a tongue of flame. It was completely impractical to actually throw, yet still glorious. It was serviceable enough up-close, but when he learned how to call upon the Great Shaper to make it take flight and attack on its own, he was in heaven.