Ariavel Tyrnealylth

User: Janie
Campaign: The Enemy Within
Race: Wood Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Bladesinger
Female Wood Elf, Silver Hair, Purple Eyes, 6'2", 145 lbs.,70 y.o. Tattoos all over body and face, mostly mystical symbols, spirals, and whorls, but on her chest a snow leopard that appears to breathe with her breaths, and on her left thigh a symbol of Loec of whom she is a dedicated follower.
Born in Laurelorn to a family of Wardancers and Bladesingers, Ariavel always wanted to follow the family profession. Having been born under the sign of The Drummer, she seemed fated to do so. As soon as she was old enough she officially joined the Wardancer Kindred as a Kithband Warrior. Through hard work and many battles (not to mention many parties, pranks and general mayhem) she became a Wardancer. Over the following years she was honored to work under a Bladesinger who taught her much, yet allowed her the freedom all Wardancers need to follow their own path at the whim of Loec or their own desires.

Finally she has progressed to be a Bladesinger herself, just beginning to learn the most difficult and dangerous of dances and lore and hoping someday to earn a troupe of Wardancers of her own. Whether through her own mercurial temperment or by word of Loec, she has traveled to Athel Loren in search of Beastmen to slay.