Widget KnobbleKnocker

"Creativity is the basis of survival. Remember a moment changes everything!"
User: Joe
Campaign: Kassen's Children
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Bard 6 / Rogue 1/ Dragon Disciple 2/Level 9 (total)
Full name: Widgetschebumeroo Knobbleknocker
Nickname: " Swayze" for my wanderlust
Race: Gnome
Age: 62
Hair Color: Vibrant green
Eye color: Black
Outstanding Feature: Goatee
Height: 3'10"
Born:Fireday,Aroden the 9th,Day of the Silenced Whispers
Body Type : Average
Scar: On right cheek, from a Bullette attack

Jocyn is the only real entertainer in the town, having settled here 4 years ago after a fight with orcs up near the Belkzen border left him with a crippled leg. Despite his injury, Jocyn is a capable performer, working with a variety of instruments and performance styles. He lives in one of the rooms above the Seven Silvers Tavern, where he performs nightly. Jocyn's occasional drunken ramblings hint of a terror in his past that he refuses to speak of any other time - that is one puzzle you have yet to solve. Jocyn's loose style and relatively carefree nature has made him a rather lax teacher, but you think you are ready to strike off on your own.

My journey began as any other in my hometown of Bargidon, not to far from the dwarvish settlement of Kraggodan. Anyway, I served as one of many scouts, being an outcast for my odd hair color and an orphan, this job suited me just fine.During my travels I wandered to the right and left through the tunnels, hence my nickname "Swayze".
I encountered all kinds of things through my travels , usually reporting back as I went. This time was different after visiting the dwarves, my mind was set, I was heading out of the mountain.Time for the next phase of my life to begin.

From the Mountains of Mindspin I emerged, my curiosity got the best of me. I wanted the see the water springs the dwarves had mentioned upon my travels near this Skelt thingee.Upon my journey I heard of a small town in the area Kassen or someting maybe I'll go there for dinner , mmm foood.

When I got to town I met a fellow at the Seven Silvers Tavern, my mentor of 4 years now he is Jocyn Elmaran. He was a funny fellow, the only real entertainer in the town, working with a variety of instruments and performance styles the eye could see.We met one day after I had a few drinks and began dancing a jig to his performance. He said my dance reminded it of him in his youth before his leg had gotten maimed. Well once we hit it off he offered me an apprenticeship to be a bard, Hell I figured why not this is more fun then scouting some caves, so that's what I did.

Strange though this fellow rambles once in a while when drunken, hints of a terror in his past. Then refuses to tell me what it is! One puzzle I have yet to solve.I like Puzzles!