User: Lee
Campaign: Monday Night BBF
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Thief / Spellcaster/1
Swaine in actually relatively tall for a halfling, but is all the same unmistakably of lesser stature and build than most. He is just under 5 foot and has short curly hair, slight tanned skin and deep blue eyes. He dresses in relatively plain clothes, but always likes to wear a dark green overcoat, which fits him rather well.
Swaine was brought up in an orphanage, for a very long time, he used to believe that he was the smallest and weakest amongst the other orphans. After some time, he came to realise that the reason for this was that he was the only halfling in a human orphanage. Due to his size and stature, Swaine was often picked on by the other children, and at a young age learnt that the best way to avoid a fight was either to hide very well, or talk his way out of a fight (as he wouldn't last seconds in a hand to hand brawl).

As he grew up and left the orphanage, Swaine took to the streets, and found that the skills that he had learnt in the orphanage could be put to some use. He took an immediate disliking to those of a wealth background, especially those who flaunted their wealth and as such took it upon himself to even matters else.
He likes to talk and thinks that people who resort to violence to solve their problems are frankly idiotic. He would rather charm his way out of a situation and also has a few further tricks under his belt should he need them..