"Sam can help! Laws yes!"
User: Steve
Campaign: Monday Night BBF
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Built like a mix of body builder and Andre the Giant, with the personality of Tom Cullen (The Stand

6'6", extremely large & muscular (bordering on gigantism), very open & simple looking facially, pale blonde hair cut untidily to the shoulders, very tanned. Dressed in a large cloak of grey wolf furs with grubby chainmail underneath. Carries a large maul which he appears to have made out of two large logs with some metal strips probably from barrels. Carries a pet ferret called 'Spot' who is a bit overfed.
Sam was born to a ducal family, the youngest son of 5 brothers. He was 10 years younger than his nearest brother. The Duke was a ruthless tyrant, feared by his people and all 4 of Sam's older brothers followed in his footsteps, treading on anyone (and each other) in their attempts to get ahead.

Sam's mother was something of a broken woman after dealing with a tyrannical husband and watching her 4 older sons be turned into monstrous thugs in his image. She doted on Sam, tried to keep him away from the realities of his surroundings, telling him stories of heroes and chivalrous knights, which he loved. It was clear by the time Sam was 3 or 4 that he was different, what his father and his physicians called a 'retard'. In a family that ruled by fear and power, they could not afford to let it be know that a feeble-minded son had been born into the family, so they made plans to get rid of him for good. His mother got wind of this and hid Sam with a miller and his wife in the outskirts of their land. Sam grew up there, working hard in the mill, even pushing the mill wheel himself when their ox died (he finds physical exertion therapeutic). His mother could never visit for fear of giving him away, but Sam kept the books she used to read to him. He never figured out how to read, but liked the pictures of knights and dragons and made up his own stories around them. The other kids made fun of Sam quite a lot so he didn't have many friends, but those he did have found him the most loyal, open and friendly person they knew.

Eventually the duke's ruthlessness led to a full-scale popular revolt which led to the castle being burned to the ground. The people were baying for the blood of anyone related to the ducal family, and the miller was worried about Sam's safety should someone make the connection. So he sent Sam off, telling him it was time he explored the world and have adventures of his own.
Sam is friendly, slow-witted and quite child-like. He's irrepressibly optimistic and easily distracted, and refers to himself in the third person most of the time "Sam can help! Laws yes!". He has a very strong but simplistic idea of 'good and bad'. Despite his huge build he's very slow to anger and not violent by nature, when people make fun of his slow wits he's more likely to shuffle his feet and say something like "Sam knows he's not got much brains, but you don't have to be nasty.". He will, however quite happily hit 'bad men' or 'horrid icky goblins' and so on when required - there's a little bit of unreality to it for him when it kicks off, a bit like it's a story rather than him. He revels in the idea of adventure and is fiercely protective of people he likes or people who can't defend themselves. Despite being very slow witted most of the time, occasionally Sam has little bursts of inspiration, often just after 'zoning out' to think about something *really hard*, or maybe after sleeping. It's almost as if his subconscious mind works better than his conscious one a lot of the time.

Sam still dreams of seeing a real knight in armour, rescuing a princess or fighting a dragon. Laws yes.