User: Marie
Campaign: Monday Night BBF
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Spellcaster/thief
A 22 year old man, good-looking, slim build, tidy appearance with clean good quality clothes. Polite and well-mannered, Aremil is reasonably intelligent. He has a pleasant nature and is generally fun to be around. Aremil is a travelling entertainer whose forte is storytelling with illusions. However, when he is unable to earn enough gold this way to meet his needs he resorts to using his magic to acquire other people's money.
Aremil is the third son of a moderately famous entertainer (in his home province) Loren of Sharlak. He has two brothers and three sisters. During his childhood, his father was often away plying his trade, but visited regularly. Every time his father was due to visit his mother became obsessed with the how clean and tidy their house and the children were. This was possibly a contributing factor to Aremil's obsession with keeping clean and avoiding contact with anything generally. Loren has not been home for five years and Aremil's mother has sent him out into the world to find work and to track down his father, if this is possible. Aremil is more keen on exploring the world than chasing after his often absent father, but as a dutiful son does try to remember to ask after him every so often.
Aremil always wears gloves because of his obsession with cleanliness. When he picks things up he cleans them as soon as possible (including washing coins). When entering a new town or village he will seek out the local shrine or church to obtain a blessing to cleanse him of any poisons, disease and spiritual dirtiness (real or imagined). He will always request a bath at any inn he stays in. Aside from this sometimes inconvenient obsession with cleanliness he is a pleasant companion.

Because of his obsession, he often finds himself in need of funds and thus turns to theft. However, because of his aversion to touching things, he utilises his magical talents to remove small objects from his unsuspecting victims, such as coins, keys etc. Occasionally he uses his illusions as a distraction from his nefarious activities. Aremil carries a rapier (a weapon suited to minimal mess and easy cleaning) but seldom uses it. He is more likely to avoid combat because of his fear of blood and guts touching him and making him unclean rather than any other reason.