Jonathan Deere

"You can rely upon my sword arm"
User: Jamie
Campaign: Monday Night BBF
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Fighter\Scholar(Artisan)/Lvl 1 Warrior/Scholar
Jon is reasonably tall, athletic built human. He is well groomed, with blonde natural styled shoulder length hair. He has an effervescent personality. He laps up stories, tales and songs so he can recant them and is intrigued by the living of others. Despite being pampered/selfish by his upbringing, it gave him a strong sense of honour. His scholarly training has prepared him for a position of authority yet he craves adventure.
Jonathan has had a pampered life, being well educated and trained. He has cruised through life to this point as the younger son of an Earl, not really focusing on one task or another.

After his education was complete his Father wished him to be a diplomat and follow in his stead, however he felt constrained and vowed to travel and find his calling.

Given his lack of a challenge in life to date he is up for adventure and wishes to see the world and find his place in it.
He wears black leather armour of a high quality and carries a long sword and bow, both of which he is trained in, although he has little practical marshal experience.