"I forgot to shave again didn't I?"
User: Billy
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Druid/1
Xavgeon is a medium-tall Human Male with a fair sized silver beard and hair. He is relatively young for a druid, and has yet to see his thirtieth year. Enamored with elves. (See background)
"The only humans living near the area are the Baklunish Guryik folk on the Drawmidj coast, and the Suloise Zeai, or Sea Barbarians, who dwell on a section of Icy Sea coastline known as the Tusking Strand. Within the Land of Black Ice proper are said to dwell all manner of horrid arctic monsters, so few humans enter the region. Tales are told of wights, frost men, evil spirits, black-skinned trolls, and blue-furred bugbears inhabiting the wasteland."
-Xavgeon, answering some questions in a tavern.

That is where Xavgeon came from. Born the son of a Barbarian Chief, Xavgeon comes from nomadic lifestyle, and has been all over the Oerth after being chased from his home in the far north. First, he was adopted by the Wolf Nomads, where he earned the name Silverkin for befriending the elders and learning of the Druidic way. When a raid from the neighboring Empire of Iuz eradicated the tribe he lived with, Xavgeon was captured and placed in the capital's dungeon. From there, a prison break was established by way of several thieves, who took Xavgeon with them. Escaping to the Kingdom of Furyondy, Xavgeon took to road once more with his new found allies. Unfortunately, he was captured once more, this time for colluding with thieves, and was unable to speak in his defense, having little skills in talking, as he still mostly spoke the language of the nomads and of his homeland. This time, he was taken far to the southeast, namely the Kingdom of Sunndi.

When he was finally released, it had been several years. Keeping strong to his druidic faith, Xavgeon went to the Rifuwood, and hid there for several years, taking care of the woods. When he was later called north to the Forlorn Forest, by his druidic order, he went reluctantly. Being still very weak in the ways of the Druid, Xavgeon had little choice in the matter, with no power to resist.

Facing certain death on the road, Xavgeon crossed the land to his destination. But, when he arrived, the members of his order had been slaughtered by a unknown assailant. Abandoning his task, Xavgeon rushed back to his former home in the Rifuwood to warn the rest of the order. Long story short, he didn't make it in time.

A elven magic-user appeared before him and warned him that his order was being targeted for their connections to the balance of Law and Chaos. For this, Xavgeon became enamored with elves, as it was his first encounter with one, strange as it may have seemed. As such, should he be working with a elf, he will form a instant one-sided bond with them, until the elf acknowledges Xavgeon as a friend. If the elf is a female... well, it's pretty funny.

Now hiding from this unknown assailant, Xavgeon wandered his way to the Kron Hills, where he was welcomed with suspicious looks to the village of Hommlett, as Druids were rare and secretive in those parts. It was here that he met the adventurers that were recruited to investigate incidents near the village. And so his story continues....