Sir Vincent d'Reims

"It is not what we are that matters, but what we do."
User: Greg
Race: Human (Vampire)
Gender: Male
A man of slightly above average height, of slight build.
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Red, glow in dim light/darkness
Skin: varies, from albino to pale, depending on if he has feed recently.
Typically wears either a suit, or his armor, a rather baroque set of scarlet plate mail decorated with images of black dragons and gold Fleur de Lis.
Sir Vincent d'Reims
Born:1312, in the city of Reims, in the Champagne region of France
Died, 1337, near Dijon, Burgundy
Vincent was born the son of an old but minor noble family in the cathedral city of Reims, shortly before the outbreak of the Hundred Years War. He was raised from childhood to be a knight in the service of a great lord, learning the sword and how to conduct himself in a chivalrous manner.
Upon reaching his majority, Vincent become a Knight-Errant, or a questing knight, riding the length and breadth of France in seeking wrongs to right, that he might attract the attention of a powerful landed noble, and take service with him.
This did not happen. Indeed, Vincent would die on what was, at first glance, a routine quest. Asked by a peasant village to deal with a bandit camp, Vincent was unprepared for what he found. The bandit leader was no mere mortal, but a vampire, dread and powerful. Although Vincent's skill with his blade was peerless, he was over matched by the immortal horror, and dealt many a grievous wound. With the last of his strength, he drove his blade deep into the creature, and drove it off, but shortly after succumb to his injuries.
However, though he died, Vincent's tale was not yet done. For the blood of beast had mingled with his own freely flowing vitae, and word a dark and terrible change on the noble knight. As the moon rose high in in the deepening dark, he too arose, and beheld what had become of him. His face pale and bloodless, with long fangs spilling over his lips. His eyes red and glowing in the twilight. He had become the very creature he sought to destroy. Though he longed to end his cursed existence then and there, to commit suicide is a sin, and would serve only to deepen his damnation.
So instead he fled, hiding himself away from the world of men, emerging only to slake his thirst for blood. Yet even so, he remember the duties taught to him as a youth, feeding not on peasants and the innocent, but rather seeking out thieves and outlaws, or, as time passed, the armies of the English invaders.
For 92 years he lived this way, until near Orleans, he met a girl. Not any girl, this, but Joan d'Arc, the Maid of Orleans and savior of France, riding even then to the siege that would make her a legend. She stopped her army for but an hour, and rode alone to a cave, and therein found the vampire.
She named herself, and her mission, from God, to save France. He asked, if from God she, was did she intend to make an end of him at last. An end, she agreed, but of his suffering, not him. For she knew of him, and what he was and what he did. And so, she spoke, it is not what we are that makes us monsters, but our actions, and he had, even in the midst of his despair, acted to defend the weak, not to prey on them.
When the Maid rode back to her army, she was accompanied by a strange knight in archaic armor.
To this day, Vincent considers his inability to save her from her execution by the English the greatest failure of his un-life.
Shortly after the end of the war Gille de Rais, a noble from Bretony was discovered to have committed several hundred murders of children, as part of occult rituals, leading to greater distrust and paranoia about the supernatural than ever before. A direct result being a royal army dispatched to put an end to the “La Chevalier d'Sanguine”, as Vincent had come to be known since his return to the world of men. Unwilling to kill soldiers he had only a short time before fought alongside, and whom he knew were only doing there duty, or perhaps simply still blaming himself for not acting quicker after Joan's capture, Vincent was brought down without a fight.

500+ years in the future, the remarkably well preserved body of a French knight in ornate red armor was on display in the Smithsonian during a battle of the Super Hero civil war , when one of the combatants was thrown through the display, the glass cutting him and sending his blood splattering the skeleton. Before the unbelieving eyes of all the Heroes, muscle, flesh and life began to return to the corpse, as, for the second time, Sir Vincent d' Reims, La Chevalier d'Sanguine, cheated death.
The understandably confused reanimated Frenchman was quickly grabbed by loyalist forces, and would spend the civil war being brought up to speed on what had happened during his “death”, and being studied by government scientists. Towards the end, Vincent volunteered to be guard for less powerful metahumans in government custody, as a way of showing his thanks for the people helping him to adjust to the modern world he found himself in, and because his long sleep had left him severely weakened.
Most recently, Vincent has been judged as fit to reenter society, and while not fully recovered, has regained enough of his power to be assigned to a new Super Hero team operating out of New York.