Giga Frost

"Sometimes Justice is colder than ice!"
User: Tom
Campaign: Marvel Earth 1138
Race: Mutant
Gender: Male
Giga Frost is an average height, underweight pale-skinned young mutant with long, gangly limbs. He stands roughly between 5'8" and 5'11", with natural powder snow-white hair and glacial blue eyes. He was born at member of the Homo Superior race, or 'mutants', and has had his powers since leaving the womb. He is cold to the touch and sports large, angel-like wings that protrude from his back. He can usually be seen clad in a full blue and grey gothic armor, when in hero mode. As Jude Gustapho, his secret ID, his wings make it hard for him to fit into a crowd easily, and so he usually stays in his studio apartment, where he earns his money by writing a review column for 'Game Informer' magazine's website. He rarely leaves, and if he does he makes sure to do it later in the evening, so he has an excuse to bundle up in several layers of coats to hide his wings.
Summary: Jude grew up as most mutants do, feared, hated and unloved. His parents, devote Catholics, gave him up as soon as possible, for fear of inviting The Devil into their homes. When he was old enough to be weaned, his mother gave him up to an orphanage where they were overly full of abandoned children, but accepting them all the same. From an early age, he was subjugated to the harsh treatment of the orphanage staff, treating him like dirt and a slave, making him do much more chores than the rest of the children simply for being mutant. He was shunned by the adults, if not outright hated, and was bullied and beat on by the children he lived with. He was alone in that sort of environment all by himself, without understanding of why he was treated so badly, for the first 7 years of life in that Chicago Orphanage.

Until one day, Regina Locken came to live there. She was a recently orphaned child, her mother dying from an unchecked fatal illness, her older brother Edwardo had long since ran away with aspirations of working for Wilson Fisk, and her father, Alberto del Rio Locken, the Mayor of Chicago, was assassinated by an unknown super villain, as the strong Cuban man was an even bigger anti-super activist than even J. Jonah Jameson, though he focused on the villains most of all. He had become a National hero, devoting his time and money to bettering the police force in dealing with super powered criminals, and helping federal agents and on occasion SHIELD personnel with tracking down and apprehending major villains. It could have been anyone, as Mayor Locken had made many enemies.

At first she was closed in and kept to herself, but one day Regina found herself befriending young Jude, and becoming best friends, outcasts and 'partners in crime' together, trusting in only each other and becoming very close. She confided in him her secret of being a mutant aswell, able to turn her skin into a hard metal armor and gaining mass, density and enhanced strength. She was able to control it at will, unlike Jude, but promised to try and help him do the same.

They soon became fans of super hero groups, admiring and wanting to be like The Avengers, The Fantastic Four and The X-Men in particular. They secretly began to train themselves and made costumes in private, and when they were 10 years old they ran away from the orphanage and hopped a train to New York City, where they tried to become heros of great reknown. They soon regretted it, and would have been in trouble is a certain Charles Xavier hadn't come to offer them a chance to learn to control their powers, and fit in with others their own age at the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Knowing who he was, of course they said yes.

Years later, when they turned 18, they had met many people along the way, both normal and super, and they left the school together with a greater mastery of their skills, with greater confidence, and left to try and join The Avengers.
During the events of the Gang war and the Faerie Invasion, Jude Gustapho has been retired from being a super hero for several years. Paranoid and disillusioned by events in his past, Jude practically fears interacting with others. He never leaves his apartment, if he can help it, and unfortunately for him on the night of the first gaming session, he couldn't help it, venturing out to a nearby 7/11 for a food run....