User: Josh
Gender: Male
Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 124/125

STR: +0 (10), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +2 (14), INT: +1 (12), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +1 (12)

Tough: +2/+8, Fort: +8, Ref: +13, Will: +8

Skills: Bluff 6(+7), Computers 8(+9), Craft (mechanical) 4(+5), Diplomacy 4 (+5), Drive 2(+6), Escape Artist 6(+10), Gather Information 4(+5), Knowledge (technology) 8(+9/+11), Medicine 2(+4), Notice 10(+12), Prof. (Tech Support) 8R(+10), Search 6(+7), Sense Motive 6 (+8), Stealth 6(+10)

Feats: Defensive Roll 6, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 1, Evasion 2, Move-by Action, Precise Shot 2, Quick
Draw 2, Uncanny Dodge 2 (visual, auditory)

Datalink 2, machine control, 100'
Device 5 (Easy to lose)
Blast 8 (DC 23; Penetrating; Progression, Increase Range (max range x2, 2000 feet))

Speed 1 (Speed: 10 mph, 88 ft./rnd)

Equipment: Cell Phone, Laptop Computer, Medkit (Basic), Reference Materials, Stun Ammo

Attack Bonus: +8 (Ranged: +8, Melee: +8, Grapple: +8)
Attacks: Blast 8, +8 (DC 23), Unarmed Attack, +8 (DC 15)

Defense: +8 (Flat-footed: +2), Knockback: -4
Initiative: +4
Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 20 + Skills 19(76 ranks) + Feats 20 + Powers 16 + Combat 24 + Saves 21 +
Drawbacks 0 = 120
During his childhood Vash, and his twin brother Million AKA Knives, were in an automobile accident that left them both orphans and severed Vash’s left arm. The children were sent to be raised at the Legato Orphanage. It was at the orphanage that Vash received a cybernetic arm to replace his missing left arm. In addition the orphanage was conducting secret biological experiments on the children there, most of Vash’s supernatural abilities are a result of these experiments. Many children were not as fortunate and died as a result of the experiments.

Vash befriended a woman named Rem there who taught him many important lessons that he still clings to, such as the value of life and redemption.

Butterfly incident: the twins and Rem find a butterfly stuck in a spiderweb. Vash attempts to save it when Knives grabs the spider, killing it. Knives justifies the action by saying it was the easiest way to stop the spider and save the butterfly, but Vash becomes distressed because he wanted to save both. Knives counters that you can't save both, because the spider would die of starvation unless it ate the butterfly. Rem breaks in, saying that you can't make that choice lightly because they're both living creatures, but Knives continues to argue that his way of thinking is right. Vash knocks him to the ground and yells at him how he wanted to save both, completely stunning Knives. After a moment they both sit up. Knives leaves, saying that the two of them don't make any sense; Vash shouts back that it is him that doesn't make any sense. This very well could have been their first fight.

Rem’s life lesson: Vash asks Rem why people can't get along she tells him it's because humans all have different ways of thinking, but even if a mistake is made, as long as a person realizes their mistake, it's possible to make it right again. And if you keep your vision clear, you will see the future. This is what one must realize. These words leave a marked impression on Vash.

Knives learns that another orphan, Tesla had been subjected to continuous scans and vivisections that eventually led to her slow and painful death. Knives plans to avenge the deaths of the innocent orphans killed by the Legato Orphanage by securing the orphans in a safe place and then causing its nuclear reactor to meltdown. Vash does not approve of the plan, it not only kills people (which he is opposed to) it kills many of the innocent workers, such as Rem. Rem is able to delay the destruction of the reactor long enough to save many people, but she dies in the incident.

After the destruction of the orphanage the children had no one to take care of them. Knives had no plans on how to support them, and he made no effort to do so. Vash took many of these young children into his care including Elizabeth.

Vash is wrongly accused of the destruction of the orphanage, and a large bounty is placed on his head. After years of evading capture he turns himself in to the authorities, since he could not stand the destruction that followed in his wake from all of the bounty hunters. The government gave him the choice between jail time and service in the special ops group (which is where the game begins).