Campaign: Dean's Game
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Improvising Fighter/1
Jackal stands about 5'11” and is often found wearing a brown, and rather old, ale stained trench-coat which appears just a little to big for him.Atop his head sits a rustic brown floppy hat. From under his coat you can see the tip of what appears to be a sword hilt; once drawn the sword seems normal enough, except for a series of black stripes running down the blade length, the sword splits along the black stripes and transforms into a multi-segmented whip when he focuses his Ki. His left eye has long since be added to flavor a long forgotten hobgoblin stew, so a rough leather patch now covers the vacancy only his remaining right glares out, gray and full of suspicion.
Jackal was born to a small family of traveling performers who lived as vagabonds traveling from town to town for meager coins and respect. His father was a stone thrower, considered the best in region, and his parents where both joyful when their child showed promise of his father’s talents. This joy was short lived, for on his 8th birthday his family was killed in a hobgoblin raid within sight of a town’s walls. Jackal would always remember seeing the glint of armor from the town’s walls as the guards watched, unwilling to face combat for a poor family of vagabonds.

When the hobgoblins retreated, thinking all were slain, the town cleric came to check the dead and found the boy still alive, minus his left eye. This began the years of Jackal’s life as street urchin living off filth and petty coins he could scrap from odd jobs; he survived this way till age 14 when his luck changed when a mercenary leader saw him killing rats with stones, and offered to take him with the party.

This was the begging of his fighter career, and the mercenaries soon molded the young boy into a fine warrior, and as he grew he came to love the life of war, drinking, women, drugs and the other spoils that came to men at arms. Jackal was content in his life of fighting and debauchery till the incident five years ago, when a misunderstanding with the local militia over a bounty saw all his party killed, he again the sole survivor.

For 5 years he has wandered aimlessly from tavern to tavern and he just now is able to see through the drunken fog, his will finally able to step forward and find out what life now has in store for him.