Bud, son of Bud

"For Abadar!"
User: Spencer
Campaign: Sons of Sandpoint
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/6
Bud, son of Bud is a young gnome with great riding skill. He is 3'5" and weight 40lb. Olive hair and brown eyes. He arrived in Sandpoint about 10 years ago. When he was only 22 of age, he rescued a baby rabbit from a hungry wolf in the forest, but in the process, one of his legs was permanently wounded. A follower of Abadar, he always wanted to be a Paladin when he gets older.
Bud's parents were Varisian caravan-masters, originally from Whistledown. (Whistledown is one of the few towns in Varisia not affiliated with either Korvosa or Magnimar, though it is located almost exactly halfway between the two larger cities. Founded where Lake Syrantula flows back into the Yondabakari River, the town is known primarily as the heart of the gnome population in Varisia, despite the fact that it contains just as many humans as gnomes. It's name derives from the strange wooden charms which produce haunting melodies in the night winds off the lake, and this nightly music tends to put off most non-gnome visitors.)

Their child-rearing philosophy was to leave Bud in one settlement or another, while they travelled the region by caravan. Before coming to Sandpoint, Bud spent a year or two in each of Wartle, Galduria and Magnimar. (With a population over 15,000, Magnimar is one of the two large city-states in Southern Varisia. Its known for its mercantile outlook on life and the giant-scaled, ancient crumbling bridge that Magnimar was built around. Magnimar is also the patron city of Sandpoint.)

After leaving Bud in Sandpoint 10 years ago, his parents simply never returned. Bud wasn't exactly sure where their caravan was headed, and hasn't been successful tracking them down. Three years ago, he made a journey to Whistledown to see if he could track them down. Bud met some of their friends, but the only tangible result was the gift of a pet dire badger from a friend of his parents. Bud and the badger quickly bonded, although the badger is still a little restive.

Bud's most important relationship is with Belor Hemlock. When Bud first came to Sandpoint, Belor was a member of the town guards. Belor agreed to watch over Bud. Bud soon started accompanying Belor on his rounds about town and even started calling him "Uncle Belor". Belor often encouraged Bud to spar with the town guards, although he never really stood a chance unless he was allowed to ride on Budger. As Budger is still unpredictable at times, Belor and the townsfolk would only allow Bud to keep him just around the outskirts of Sandpoint.
STR 14
DEX 13
CON 16
INT 11
WIS 11
CHA 17

Patron Deity

Sheriff's Nephew

Common, Gnome, Sylvan

+ 4 Bluff
+10 Diplomacy
+ 7 Handle Animal
+ 3 Intimidate
+ 3 Perform (Oratory)
+13 Ride