""Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars""
User: Dave
Campaign: Ruins of Arth
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Paladin/6
Gwydain is a tall, well-built human wearing fine black platemail. He bears a shield the color of a cloudy night, with a golden, waning moon as the only adornment. He has long, thick red hair... as well as a full mustache and beard.
Gwydain grew up in a bustling port city, as the son and apprentice of a locksmith. He was always fairly impressed with his own cleverness, and quite impressed with the fairer sex. These two traits, along with a fair amount of returned interest from various girls his age, led to predictable results.

Again and again he braved locked doors and overprotective fathers in his late-night pursuit of his current object of affection, until one day he 'let himself in' to visit a pretty young priestess of Mara. An elder priestess of the order was less than amused, and cast an enchantment to overwhelm him with the majesty of her goddess.

Her intention was to teach him proper respect, but there was a side effect. He found he could not shake the image out of his mind, and all mortal women paled in comparison. He dedicated the rest of his life to performing great deeds in Mara's name... to burn so brightly that she would have to take notice of him. Thus he began his training as a Paladin.