"I buy a scroll of Mad Monkeys."
User: Adam
Race: Duergar
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Vitalist/1
Barnaby wears battered old finery that he's picked up out of thrift shops or rubbish bins. He's got a faded, crumpled top hat, a stained gentleman's vest, a broken pocketwatch, and a flintlock pistol that's missing what parts haven't rusted in place. He basically dresses like a hipster. He probably smells like one too.

Barnaby is a duergar ex-slaver. His job was to go on surface raids and see to the health of the the new slaves during the arduous trip back. Unfortunately, his raiding party was attacked by adventurers, who slaughtered the rest of his troupe. They spared Barnaby because he never raised a weapon; rather, he just shuffled the slaves out of harm's way during the fight.

They kept him around in the hopes of redeeming him, but eventually gave up when he pointed out that they were keeping him as a slave to teach him that slavery is wrong, and that as their slave his life had never been better.

They cut him loose in Westcrown with some spare equipment and pocket change.

He tries to talk as little as possible, because whenever he does he ends up irritating people.