Cersei Elrond

User: Cindy
Campaign: Verbobonc Dark
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Fighter/1

* Kind
* Free Spirited
* Optimistic
* Helpful
* Arrogant
* Stubborn

Her mother, Sasha, came from a wealthy and respected family. She was delicate, elegant, and proper. Her father, John, was a few years older than her mother and was the son of one of her father’s most trusted stewards. John was strong, hard working, and tenacious. They knew each other their entire lives, John always had Sasha’s attention and she often daydreamed of one day being his bride, but John, although always fond of her, seemed to reciprocate her love only after she turned 15.
John and Sasha knew their love would never be accepted by her family so when Sasha turned 19, they eloped with the money John saved as the blacksmith’s apprentice and a few jewels that Sasha owned. They married and settled in the town of Water Deep. John was a blacksmith and Sasha helped him with his business. Two years later they were ecstatic at the news of a baby coming into their lives. Sasha received nothing but care, attention, and affection from John during her pregnancy. When Sasha went into labor there were complications and she died two days after giving birth to Cersei.
John raised his daughter with all the love Sasha would have given her. Cersei was the spitting image of her mother, accept for her unruly curly hair, inherited by John. John wanted to raise Cersei as a proper young lady but Cersei was always getting dirty, fighting with boys twice her age, and loved to help John in the shop. John knew his daughter was something special when at the age of 5, she was helping him carry hammers and anvils. John’s best friend in town was a retired ranger, Dylan, he recognized Cersei’s talent and as a favor to John he began to train her. When Cersei turned 15 her father became very ill and two years later he passed away. Without her father Cersei was lost, she felt alone, and for two years she worked at the shop and continued training, but was miserable...
Idris came into the shop and took one look at Cersei and knew that the young girl was in misery and in desperate need of a friend. Cersei had never had a female role model and looked up to the beautiful sorceress. Idris began to teach Cersei how to read, write, and even how to tame her hair. Cersei loved to hear of Idris’ adventures, and read of world’s she’d never known and soon she began to wonder what the rest of her life would be like if she stayed in Water Deep...
Cersei decided to leave the town, but Idris convinced her of leaving with the group. Cersei afraid of what the unknown world would bring her decided that it would be best to travel with companions and this way she would be able to stay with the only friend she has...
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