"There was booze in this thing a minute ago."
User: Deckhart
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Monk/8
Kinsen stands at an impressive six feet tall, broad of shoulder and barrel chested. His eyes, though heavy lidded, are bright green and watchful. His face is worn, as rough in texture as his hands that are calloused and scarred from nearly a decade of drunken bar brawls and hard-scrabble living. His smile is wide and his stance is even wider, exaggerated by the liquor he keeps slung carelessly at his hip. He makes no effort to hide it, embracing his vices openly and without embarrassment.
Kinsen is a fixture in almost every popular tavern in the river kingdoms, having quested far and wide to not only find the most delicious brew in Golarion - but the most potent as well.

His life's goal, to hear him tell it, is to mix both of them in a big bucket, drink it, and die of alcohol poisoning with a smile on his face.
Kinsen's fighting technique employs a gratuitous amount of swaying, utilizing the momentum of full body movements in order to bring power to his unarmed blows that wouldn't normally exist. Defensively, this makes him an incredibly difficult target to pin down, and by the time his opponent has the fight is already over.