Eldon Brighton

"Curiousity is healthy"
User: greg
Campaign: Horror's Revenge
Race: Aasimar(angelkin)
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Bard (archaelogist)/1
Race=Angelkin(aasimar) +2 STR and +2 CHA
Class=Bard(archivist) Alignment=NG
Diety=Chaldira Zazuristan
Campaign trait: Chance savior (+2 init)
Religious Trait: Lessons of Chaldira (reroll one save/day)
middle-aged (+1 mental, -1 physical)
stats: 16STR, 14DEX, 12CON, 14WIS, 14INT, 18 CHA
Skills: 6+2+1(know)
Perception, Know(History), Stealth, Know(Arcane), Know(local), Spellcraft, Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Perform(oratory)
Eldon was the only son of two elderly parents. After caring for both parents until death, he learned a secret upon his mother's passing. He was adopted as a favor to an angelic being trying to spare her son the problems of a divine upbringing.
Eldon went in search of his destiny. As an avid explorer and wanderer, he is drawn to ruins and monuments. Eldon has a fascination with magic items and writings, and feels magic and knowledge are the answer to all problems.
Eldon has lived among halflings and embraced the philosophy of Chaldira Zazuristan. The plucky halfling hero rushes into danger and adventure, and relies of Desna to make things right. Eldon feels Chaldira can return the favor with him.
After meeting the professor after saving him from a series of traps in some ancient catacombs, Eldon and the professor became pen pals and later friends. Eldon feels the professor is treading dangerously, but has been busy exploring ancient ruins.