"Sunshine and Unicorns! "
User: Amy
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Cleric/1
Amelia Stillwater’s Story
I was born under the full moon in the Spring 22 years ago on a good-sized family farm on the edge of a great forest. My father raised cows, chickens, hogs, goats, a few plowing horses and a small garden to feed his family of 6. He was a large intimidating man, but his heart was as large as a barn. Living on a farm, I learned respect for the land and respect for the animals. There is a give and take that is natural in all things. We feed and care for the gentle creatures. We keep them healthy and happy and in turn, they feed us through their labors or when it is time, through their lives. We respect them, and they respect us.
From my father, I learned how to care for the animals day to day, how to breed the livestock, how to care for the young ones and what to do when any of them became ill. I watched the animals on the farm grow and change as I grew and changed. I learned how to feel for them even when it came time to slaughter one, and how to do it in the most humane way. They must eat and so do we; it is a cycle. I learned how to nurture the land to grow the crops and the beauty in it. I learned hard work.
My mother, as well as being a farmer’s wife and raising four children, was the town’s midwife. Through her, I learned the miracle of childbirth and what the rewards of motherhood look like. I used to follow her to her trips to women of the village. Most frequently, it was to help a woman birth a child, but other times it was to teach a woman tricks and herbal remedies to help them conceive. By being with her, she passed her knowledge to me.
I have three brothers. My two younger brothers were born as I was ending my childhood. They are twins and I was there and helped my mother through the birth of them, and as they grew, helped keep them out of trouble. They are wild little brats, but they love the land as much as my father. I believe they will grow to be great farmers someday.
My older brother was my mentor and best friend growing up. He was also a great hunter. He taught himself and had a great natural talent for it. For my fifth birthday he gave me a bow he made that was just like his. I was so excited! I was bouncing around like a rabbit. He told me that a little lady like me should not be afraid of life outside our home, and that I just need to be prepared for the dangers I may face. He took my little hand in his big teenage hand and taught me how to shoot my bow. Later, he taught me how to hunt and track in the forest. He left home when he reached adulthood. Farming was never something he was interested in. I miss him greatly, but I understand why he needed to make his own way in the world. Before he left, he pulled me aside and told me that I needed to go on a walk in the forest on the morning of my 18th birthday and I will meet someone there. I tried to ask for more information on what he meant, but he just shook his head, smiled his goofy big-brother smile and told me that I must wait and see.
So, a few years later, on the morning of my 18th birthday I entered the forest and wandered aimlessly for a while. I spent a good deal of my childhood in the forest and knew the area rather well. I felt like a fool wandering around looking for a person I didn’t even know existed. I was about to go back home, when I saw a flash of white to my left. I turned to see what it was, but I only found a path that was not there a few seconds before. I followed it deep into the forest and into a strange but serene clearing. I should have felt scared or apprehensive, but all I felt was absolute calm and peace. There was a beam of sunlight that shined into the middle of the clearing and where it landed was a small flower patch. As I came closer to it, I felt a warmth radiating from it and I became sleepy. I laid down in the circle of flowers and drifted to sleep. It was there I was given a vision!
In the vision, Goddess Mielikki (aka Goddess Ehlonna) allowed me the great honor of looking upon her beauty! She told me to look around me and really see the plants and animals of the forest. She made me realize that I was part of them and they were part of me. We are all connected in the deepest part of us. My eyes were opened to who I was and who I was meant to be! I had been born and shaped by my family to be a follower of Her, only none of us knew it at the time! It became so clear! The great Goddess showed me what I must do. I must leave my family and go to her priests to study. When I am deemed ready by them, I must leave and find the seven adventurers and become one of the Fellowship of Eight. I am to keep them safe and help them in their endeavors. Though I am still to worship and spread Her great love as I travel, Her path for me leads away from common worship. She wants me to be an adventurer for Her. I know not where her path for me goes from here, but She has great plans for me!